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The EMPCO System

EMPCO is an entity that covers all aspects of public safety entry-level testing, from application through exam scoring. One of the main benefits of the EMPCO System is the convenience of taking just one test in applying to many specific positions at police or fire departments statewide. EMPCO securely sends your test results along with your profile to every department that you indicate on your registration.

The tests provided by EMPCO are developed by I/O Solutions. Some of the law enforcement positions that are EMPCO-tested include police and corrections officers, firefighters and deputy sheriffs. The police and fire departments that use EMPCO tests are located in various states such as Michigan, Wisconsin, Indiana and Maryland.

EMPCO entry-level exams assess each candidate’s aptitude to learn and succeed in a training program and on the job. No prior professional experience or knowledge is necessary for top-level test results.

Law Enforcement Testing System (LETS)

The National Criminal Justice Officer Selection Inventory (NCJOSI) is a set of cognitive aptitude exams used as EMPCO police tests and often referred to as “reading and writing tests.” In the reading comprehension section, you can expect to encounter passages, each followed by a set of questions. The tasks involve a recall of information, summarization, analysis and conclusions, all based solely upon the information contained in the passage presented.

Spelling, grammar, English usage and clarity of expression comprise the exam areas contained in the writing portion of NCJOSI. In addition to cognitive ability items, you will also find behavioral questions.

This is a computer-based test, administered within a timeframe of 2.5 hours. While each department creates their own eligibility and ranking system, the Pass threshold is usually 70%.

EMPCO Corrections Test

The National Corrections Officer Selection Inventory (NCOSI) is the corrections test utilized by EMPCO. If this is the exam you will be taking, you can expect to find a computer-based test with a time limit of 1.5 hours.

Fire Testing System

For those fire departments associated with EMPCO, the National Firefighter Selection Inventory is administered at Regional Training Academies to every candidate seeking employment as a firefighter. This “reading & writing test” is computer-based and time-limited to 2.5 hours.

Michigan Sheriffs’ Testing Program (STP)

The State of Michigan has established a Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards (MCOLES) for the purpose of presenting a statewide uniform testing platform based on job-related cognitive skills. EMPCO’s Law Enforcement Testing System ensures that uniformity.

EMPCO exams are administered to candidates for entry-level deputy sheriff positions by Michigan Sheriffs’ Coordinating & Training Council Testing (MSCTCT) pursuant to the STP. Your score on the EMPCO deputy sheriff exam can be used for your police officer application. Likewise, the NCJOSI police officer exam score will be accepted for deputy sheriff positions in Michigan.

Preparing for Your EMPCO Exam

Test preparation has proven to be a substantial factor in successful cognitive test results. Thorough exam prep includes EMPCO practice tests that contain the types of questions and exam format you will face on the actual pre-employment test, along with Q & A analysis, study guide and exam strategies. Our JobTestPrep law enforcement and firefighter aptitude exam prep program contains all of these study tools and is designed to optimize your EMPCO test score.

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