What Is PSI?

PSI is a company that provides talent assessment and management solutions for employers in both the private sector and in the government, as well as courses and job preparation for candidates. PSI also runs its own testing platform, as both an online service and a physical test center.

About the PSI Exam & Types of Tests

PSI mainly offers three types of tests:

  • Cognitive tests – to assess your basic skills, computer skills, industrial skills, etc.
  • Personality/Behavioral tests – these attitude assessments serve as a tool to assess your different qualities and characteristics. Learn more about how to study for pre-employment personality tests.
  • Leadership development tests – assesses your abilities related to leadership and competency.

In addition, PSI specializes in industry-designated tests for career fields like firefighter, insurance, dental, plumbing, cosmetology, construction, and real estate.

Testing Platform

PSI operates its own online test administration platform named ATLAS. PSI also has ATLAS centers, which are basically PSI test centers, for companies who wish to administer their tests in a more secured environment. Note that the ATLAS platform only works on PC computers, and not on Mac.

Prepare for Your PSI Exam

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