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What Is PSI?

PSI is a company that provides talent assessment and management solutions for employers in both the private sector and various government agencies. Additionally they offer courses and job preparation for job-seeking candidates. PSI also runs its own testing platform, as both an online service and a physical test center.

PSI assessment tests and features are utilized by a variety of companies and organizations. JobTestPrep's PrepPacks are able to help you prepare for the assessment tests and interviews that can be found in any recruitment process. Start preparing with our resources today to ensure your success. 

PSI Features and Services

PSI offers six distinct features and services to its customers and job-seeking candidates.

  • Assessment tests – five different assessments that measure a variety of professional skills
  • Video interviewing –  record and review your answers to pre-selected behavioral interview questions 
  • Situational simulations – simulate real workplace scenarios to assess how candidates perform
  • Leadership services – through the use of coaching, training, development programs, and assessments, employers can quickly identify your leadership potential and strengths
  • Consulting services – allows employers to "design, develop, and deploy" talent management solutions
  • Test administration services – providers employers with the opportunity to require their candidates to take pre-employment assessments either proctored online or unproctored  "on demand" 

PSI Assessment Tests

PSI offers five pre-employment assessment tests, each covering a different aspect of a candidate's professional skills.
In addition, you can use the Free Online Pre-Employment Personality Test in order to study.

PSI True-to-Life Assessments

PSI True-to-Life assessments are situational judgement tests that place candidates, virtually, in real-life work scenarios. By placing candidates in various work situations, employers can assess and predict a candidates success in that particular job-position. The True-to-Life test is the main PSI tool and feature used in recruitment processes.

Ability Assessments

PSI's ability tests, used to measure a candidate's professional skills, include basic skills tests, employee aptitude surveys, professional employment tests, and industrial skills tests. Combined, these tests measure and assess candidates in language skills, reading comprehension, quantitative problem solving, charts and graphs, mechanical principles, form checking, coding, and more.

Personality & Behavioral Assessments

PSI utilizes ViewPoint for their personality and behavioral assessments to identify a candidate's job attitudes and behaviors. Some areas that are assessed are team building, business continuity, sales focus, and customer satisfaction. Furthermore, there are six ViewPoint sub-assessments: WorkView, ServiceView, TenureView, SalesView, Professional/ManagerView, and General Personality Survey. PSI also provides the Caliper Assessment, that measures candidates' personality profile based on cognitive and behavioral questions. 

Computer Skills Tests

As more professions and job opportunities begin to utilize various computer features, more employers are efficiently assessing a candidate's computer skills. Whether it's Chrome, Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Outlook, Internet Explorer, or Digital Literacy, you may encounter PSI's Computer Skills Tests in your recruitment process.

Public Safety & Civil Service Testing

PSI administers public safety dispatcher tests and civil service assessments for various departments across the United States. PSI Public Safety and Civil Service Tests are widely used because they assess and highlight candidates who demonstrate superior ability to perform in an intense, high-stakes environment. PSI specializes in industry-designated tests for career fields such as firefighter, insurance, dental, plumbing, cosmetology, construction, and real estate.

PSI Testing Platform

PSI operates its own online test administration platform named ATLAS. PSI also has ATLAS centers, which are basically PSI test centers, for companies who wish to administer their tests in a more secured environment. Note that the ATLAS platform only works on PC computers, and not on Mac.

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