Practice and Pass Your PLC Test


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The PLC Test Preparation Package

The PLC Test Prep Package contains a total of 70 practice questions (as on the actual assessment), divided into 5 topics:

  • PLC and I/O Basics - 10 questions
  • Programming Basics - 10 questions
  • Ladder Logic - 10 questions
  • Peripherals and Systems - 10 questions
  • Troubleshooting - 10 questions

Within approximately 2 hours of preparation, you will have a very good understanding of the test content, formatting, and time constraints. That will both give you essential knowledge of the content world of the PLC test and increase confidence.

The PLC Test Provider - Ramsay Corporation

Ramsay Corporation is the world's leading provider of mechanical, technical, and maintenance tests. The company provides testing services for the largest employers of technical positions in the market, including Amazon, Walmart, UPS, JLL, and more.

If you have been invited to take a PLC test, most chances are that it will be conducted by Ramsay.

The 3 Benefits of the PLC Test Preparation Package

Here are the 3 main benefits of the PLC Test Preparation Package:


Benefit #1 - Focusing on What Matters

While the range of topics covered in the PLC test is very broad, some topics are more common than others.

Therefore, the PLC Test Preparation Package was designed to put more emphasis on these topics. Knowing where to put your effort in advance will yield a more focused prep and a higher score.

The practice tests of the PLC Test Preparation Pack put emphasis on the actual Ramsay test's most frequent topics and sub-topics.


Benefit #2 - Not Forgetting the Theory

Unfortunately, many experienced candidates tend to forget theoretical concepts over the years. That becomes a considerable obstacle in the written PLC test.

The PLC test, however, will assess both your practical AND theoretical knowledge, so make sure you are prepared for that aspect as well.

The practice questions on the PLC Test Preparation Pack cover both practical and theoretical aspects.


Benefit#3 - Simulating the Actual Test

Besides knowing the material, to be fully prepared for any test you need to know, well, the test.

Being familiar with the question structure, time constraints, and formatting of the actual Ramsay PLC Test will often be precisely the edge you need to pass. Remember that your test score will be compared to other candidates when your employer decides whether to take you on to the next stage.

That is a benefit only an actual test simulation can give you.

The PLC Test Preparation Pack follows the actual Ramsay PLC test in content areas, time constraints, and formatting.


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