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PHSA Hire Process

PHSA maintains a wide number of positions from a number of fields. Each hiring process within the company may be unique from others and therefore you must come prepared to meet a range of challenges. JobTestPrep’s PrepPacks™ give you exclusive access to a host of tools, which will help drive you to where you need to go.

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PHSA Interview Prep

There are few questions you should be asking yourself well before you even get an invitation to a sit-down interview. It is incumbent on you to try to discern what might be asked during the interview by the hiring manager or interviewer and alternatively what you should be asking them. To come to grips with this question, do as much research you can about the company and the general market while trying to figure out exactly how your skill-sets and recent work history will complement the job specs. Below you will find one example of a question you might be asked and sample question which you might ask.

Interview Question from Hiring Manager

What most attracted you to applying to our company? You will only be able to answer this question if you have truly done your homework on the company and if you have mastered your skill-sets. Use every means possible including the company’s website and social media channels to better understand what they do, who they serve and where they are going. Lastly, you have to show them how you fit into the picture.

Interview Question To the Hiring Manager

Can you describe the general career path for this position? Before signing on with any company, you want to know first understand the probability of getting promoted in the future and how their system works. Secondly, the question can also show the interviewer that you have a genuine interest to grow within the company and be a valued asset.


PHSA Pre-Hire Test Example

Kenexa Pre-Hire Test

The Kenexa pre-hire online testing covers a number of topics including numerical, verbal and deductive reasoning. JobTestPrep will fully prepare you to score big on the tests by providing you with:

  • 7 Numerical and Verbal Reasoning practice tests
  • 8 practice test on logical reasoning
  • Two dozen study guides and video tutorials.


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