NYC Correction Officer Test Prep

The New York City/New York State Corrections exam assesses your ability to become a New York State Correctional Officer and to be considered for appointment, you are required to pass a written test. Your final score must be 70% or higher, the same as score requirements for other Civil Service exams in New York state. The test will consist of 100 multiple choice questions to be answered in a 3.5 hour period. 

If you are applying for a different position please see the main correctional officer page.

The Department of Citywide Administrative Services

When applying for a civil service position in NYC, your application may be performed online through the Department of Citywide Administrative Services (DCAS). DCAS offers efficient and supportive services to assist the New York City government in a variety of operations. Its goal is to provide assistance in recruiting, hiring, and training employees, as well as other fields of service. The DCAS exam schedule is released is posted during the fiscal year and is constantly being updated to keep applicants updated on any relevant changes. 

Correction Officer Test Components

The written test will measure your skills and knowledge in the following areas:

  1. Applying written information in a correctional services setting
    Assess your ability to read, interpret and apply rules, regulations, directives, written narratives and other related material, in a way similar to correctional officer’s duties.
  2. Observing and recalling facts and information
    Questions are specified to test for the ability to observe, memorize and recall information describing or depicting prison scenes.
  3. Preparing written material
    Measures your ability to organize paragraphs logically and comprehensibly and understand written information.
  4. Understanding and interpreting written information
    Here, you’ll be given the opportunity to display your ability to present, understand and interpret information clearly and accurately.

All the information needed to answer the questions is contained in the set of information provided. You will not be required to have any special knowledge relating to the subject areas of the selections.

Preparing and passing the written exam is a first step and a great start in pursuing NYS Corrections Officer Career.

The Benefits of a Corrections Officer Career

Are you serious about your career? Then you should devote your time and effort and prepare for the exam, due to the many advantages of being a Correction Officer:

  • Job Security: as a civil servant, your employment is regulated and secured by the Civil Service Law.
  • Salary: the position is one of the highest-paid civil servants’.
  • Insurance, Leave and Retirement Benefits: you’ll be covered by health, dental, prescription drug, optical, and life insurance; and have very liberal leave benefits. Furthermore, you will be part of the civil employee’s retirement system in the.
  • Promotional Opportunities: civil service promotion examinations are very seldom open to the general public, leading to an Assistant Warden and even Warden position.
  • Other Benefits: these might include credit union membership, consumer buying power, uniform allowances, education and training incentives, and disability insurance.

Start Practicing Today

We offer you a complete practice pack for the NYS Corrections Officer Written Test. The package includes full length Corrections Officer practice tests, personality tests, sample questions, study guides, and more.

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