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The Northside Hospital Microsoft Bundle Obstacle

Most jobs throughout the world stick to a particular test provider or group of examinations. Past Northside Hospital job applicants have admitted that the hospital is quite lenient with Microsoft Word and Excel tests. No matter what your position may be, it is likely that with future paperwork, filling out your Northside Hospital payroll or whatever it may be, you will be asked to partake in Word or Excel spreadsheets. Thus, even if you aren’t about to take an exam on either of these programs, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the programs.

Microsoft Word: Our Word test simulation is a series of questions that include adding to the format, create tables, and more.

Microsoft Excel: Similar to Word, you will find yourself editing graphs, working in various spreadsheet formats, and doing other functions.

Begin practicing either or both Microsoft products today!

Northside Hospital Hiring Process

Depending on the position you are applying for, Northside Hospital employment verification can take some time. Below is a thorough breakdown of the application process:

  • First Contact: While most people turn to Northside Hospital’s main website to apply online, a small percentage of past job applicants have applied in person. Online, the job listings are broken down via area of expertise, preferred shift times, and location. Another good way to bring your resume to the hospital’s attention is through Northside Hospital job fairs.
  • Northside Hospital Job Fairs: Northside Hospital job fairs are quite similar to the common European assessment centers. The fairs traditionally take place over the course of several days during the summer months. Each day can specialize in a particular field, giving you a chance to understand the hospital’s mission, meet upper-management, and Northside Hospital employees. This is a great stepping stone for getting your foot in the door. Search online to find out when the next Northside Hospital job fair is near you.
  • Pre-Employment Telephone Screening: After you have submitted your resume, you will likely be contacted by a Northside Hospital human resources representative. The conversation will be focused on your behavior and personality. Oftentimes, HR is quite friendly and could give you tips as to what to expect in the future application process.
  • Face-to-Face Interview: When the time comes for your in-house interview, do not be surprised if you face a panel of people. This panel can be floor managers, unit managers, educators, and future peers. Typically, the number of people will not exceed 5 upper-management personnel. Although this can be daunting, remember, the more people that interview you, the more likely you will have a positive rapport. Good luck!

Northside Hospital Interview Questions

Northside Hospital recruiters are careful who they choose to join the established Northside Hospital staff. The hospital prides itself on being more than simply professional but caring people. Below are a few Northside Hospital sample questions:

  • There are so many hospitals in the country, why choose us?
  • What is your observation of good customer service?
  • Why do you work in your particular field?

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