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Getting a Job at Marriott

Marriot is the world's largest hotel chain, employing around 175,000 employees worldwide and offering numerous career paths. When applying for a job at Marriott or one of its franchises, you will go through a screening process through Taleo, Marriot’s ATS (Applicant Tracking System), including resume parsing, assessment tests, and an interview.

On this page you will find tips and explanations about:

  1. The Application process on Marriot's website
  2. Facing Taleo
  3. Marriot's pre-employment assessments
  4. Interview on Marriott


Applying via Marriott's Website

The first stage when applying for a job at Marriott is applying via Once you apply, you will be requested to create an account. This account will hold all your job applications at Marriott.

You can create an account by providing your email address, Google+ or Yahoo! Account.

Marriott Hiring Process

Once you've found a job that suits you using Marriott's search engine, you will be redirected to Marriott's ATS – Taleo.


What Is an ATS?

An ATS (Applicant Tracking System) is a software designed to take care of the recruiting and screening process for the employer. In addition to providing a user-friendly platform for the employer to arrange, display and sort candidates, it also uses automatic computerized processes to perform many actions that were previously done manually by HR recruiters.

The ATS is practically the first gatekeeper your employer puts in your path. It will grade your resume, keep track of your test scores, and will recommend you for an interview if your scores are high.

Marriot's ATS – Taleo

Similarly to many large companies, Marriott uses the world’s largest and most prominent ATS – Oracle’s Taleo. Serving over 5,000 clients (among which almost half of the business on Fortune’s 100 list), Taleo is the one ATS you are most likely to encounter on your career journey.

You can see you have been redirected to Taleo by looking at the URL:

Marriott Hiring Process Guide

Read more about Taleo, its screening mechanisms and the best practices to pass them in this article.

Note: Franchised positions at Marriott use different ATS:

  • RHW Hotels use Jobvite
  • AC / Colwen Hotels use SmartRecruiters

Marriott's Application Process via Taleo – Step-by-Step

After you apply for a position at Marriott, you will go through a 12-14-step application process.

The bar on the top will detail the stages ahead:

Marriott Hiring Process Free Sample

The main ones to note are:

  1. Resume Upload
  2. General Questionnaire
  3. Work Experience
  4. Education, Certifications, and Languages
  5. Job-Specific Questions
  6. WOTC

Resume Upload Icon Resume Upload

First, you will be requested to upload a resume (alternatively, you may use your Indeed or LinkedIn profile). Unlike other companies using Taleo, Marriott gives you the option not to upload a CV, but to fill the details in manually.

Marriott Hiring Process CV Example

This is a good option if you have not yet prepared a resume, or if the resume you have is formatted in a non-standard form.

However, if you DO have a standard resume, even if it is not perfect, it’s recommended to upload it and edit the details in the software later, to save time.

The resume tool has 2 main functions:

  1. Extract your information from the document and fill it in Taleo’s interface (if your resume is impeccable, technically-speaking, you will have nothing to fill in at the Work Experience and Education, Certification and Language sections).
  2. Parse and analyze the text in your resume to determine your match score for the job. That is why you will be able to submit a new resume for each position you apply for. To make sure your resume is up to ATS-standard.


General Questionnaire Icon General Questionnaire

These questions are preliminary, mostly technical questions you are required to answer before taking your application further. They include legal issues like work permit and consent for a drug test, or things that relate to the company policy like relatives working at Marriott, etc.


Work Experience Icon Work Experience

If your resume was formatted in a way that Taleo can read, this part should be automatically extracted from it. In any case, it is recommended to go over the required fields again and see that the data is filled correctly.

Some tips to keep in mind when filling in your experience section:

  • Use keywords as they appear in the original job posting. If the ad is looking for a “customer relations manager”, use that term at least once, in addition to close terms like “customer service manager” or “CRM”.
  • Try avoiding gaps in your work experience. This often raises ATS suspicion. If you’ve been on a long maternity leave, for instance, include this as a section in your work experience, to prevent Taleo from interpreting this as a gap.
  • Mention tangible accomplishments, preferably with numbers and figures (no images though – ATS will scramble them).


Want to see some examples on how to write a solid job experience section?


Certifications Icon Education, Certifications and Language


This section can be broken down to its 3 components:


The education section is usually second in importance to your actual experience (unless you are a student/graduate).


This section is often overlooked by job seekers. Remember that one of the main key points of a good resume is that it sets you apart from the crowd. In that sense, one or two certifications may be all it takes to give you this extra mile.

Note that even if you don’t have the certifications required for the job, similar certifications containing the same keywords can still be beneficial for your ATS score. That holds for any other qualification. 


Being a multinational company serving customers from all over the world, knowing an additional language is a major advantage of working at Marriott. Even if you are not proficient at a particular language, mention it as a skill, especially if the job posting mentions it as an advantage.


Job-Specific Questions Icon Job-Specific Questions

These questions vary depending on the actual job. They are usually set by Marriott’s HR department and can be either raters (determine your ATS score) or eliminators (provide a necessary condition for application).

Such questions will normally deal with relevant years of experience, certifications, level of expertise at specific skills, etc.

Marriott Hiring Process Sample Question



The WOTC (Work Opportunity Tax Credit) is a tax credit offered to employers who hire from groups such as ex-felons, long-term unemployment recipients, etc. If you are a member of an eligible group, Marriott has an incentive to hire you. This option will not appear for all positions, but if it does, be sure to complete it.


Marriott Assessment Tests

Which Marriott Assessment Test Can I Expect?

Marriot’s assessments depend on your position and can consist of several components. The most popular tests used throughout Marriott’s assessment process are:


AON Tests Icon Marriott’s AON Hewitt G.A.T.E Tests

AON Hewitt is one of the largest assessment companies in the US and provides a selection of aptitude tests – verbal, numerical, logical and more. The company’s product mainly functions as a technological testing platform (also known as G.A.T.E - Global Assessment and Talent Engine).

In 2017, AON has purchased the assessment company cut-e and incorporates cut-e’s tests in its assessments since.

Preparing for AON’s assessments will include a complete set of cut-e-style aptitude tests, personality tests, and SJT.

Practice AON Test Now


SJT Icon Marriott’s Situational Judgement Tests (SJT)

Situational Judgement Tests (SJT) are psychological tests that assess your work-related behavior and actions. You are given hypothetical scenarios and you must indicate how you would behave. SJTs have become a popular tool used by assessment companies, employers, and organizations to evaluate the behavioral and cognitive abilities of candidates when introduced with daily work-related situations.

Practice SJT Now  


Personality Tests Icon Personality Tests

Personality tests assess your personal traits and evaluate whether they are a good match for the position you apply for.

Since the required traits in each position are different, scoring high on a personality test depends on your understanding of the underlying principles and required skills for the position.

Practice Personality Test Now 


Leadership Assessment Icon Leadership Assessment

This assessment uses a combination of personality tests and SJT to assess your fit for supervisory and management positions. They are specifically geared to measure traits like decision-making, motivation, and assertiveness.

Since management positions also require high problem-solving skills and quick thinking, they are often combined with aptitude tests like those provided by AON.

Practice Leadership Assessment Now


Accounting Tests Icon Accounting Tests

If you apply for a position that deals with finance, you are likely to go through an accounting test. The test may contain the following sections - Accounting Terms, Accounting Problems, Comparing & Checking, Alphabetizing/Filing, Working with Letters and Numbers, Memorization, Coding, Inductive Reasoning, and Deductive Reasoning.

Practice Accounting Tests Now


Marriott Interview

In this stage, your Marriott interviewers are looking for you to give examples from your previous experience to back up your answers. Thus, ahead of the interview, review your resume and prepare a list of examples that can be used to demonstrate your skills against the competencies Marriott is looking for. Our Interview PrepPack™ can help you excel during the interview stage of Marriott's recruitment process.

Answers to Your Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Prepare for My Marriott SJT?

Before taking the test, read about the employer. On the company website, you can read about Marriott's agenda, values, and the CEO's vision for the company. Try to find out what values and competencies Marriott is looking for in their employees and emphasize these traits in your interview.

How Do I Pass My Marriott Personality Test?

Our Personality Test PrepPack™ is specifically designed to help you prepare. Follow these tips for success:

  • Read the test instructions carefully.
  • Take the full test.
  • Read your personalized report.
  • Use the complete answer breakdown in our Professional Report to learn how to optimize your answers.
  • Use our "Single Trait Practice" to improve your specific trait answers that are relevant to your desired position.
  • The full Personality Test PrepPack™ experience is just a click away.

What Is the Best Way to Present My Answers in My Marriott Interview?

The best way to present your answers in your interview is with the STAR method: situation, task, action, result. This is the preferred way of answering questions as it presents your answers in a real-life situation which really engages the interviewer.

How Can JobTestPrep Help Me Prepare for Marriott's Online Tests?

JobTestPrep's extensive preparation package includes hundreds of questions, fully explained answers, and solving tips. Knowing what to expect in advance will make you feel more confident going into the tests, and practicing beforehand will enable you to get a higher score. The application process at Marriott is extremely competitive, so ensure that you do everything you can to get the highest scores you can on these tests.



Marriott is not the source of, endorsing, or otherwise affiliated with JobTestPrep. JobTestPrep offers preparation services for assessment tests.


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