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Practice for the LYNX Recruitment Process

The hiring process helps employers find the right candidates for the available jobs being applied for. Preparing

The different steps in the LYNX application process are:

  • Online Application: The selection criteria is initially determined by the Human Resources department to provide the best candidates being considered for the job vacancies. Candidates complete the LYNX online application, including their previous employer's information and a resume in a Word document.
  • Telephone Interview: An HR recruiter will review applicants' resumes in regard to the specific position being applied for to decide whether they meet the qualifications. Applicants will then be called by HR for a phone screening interview and background inquiry.
  • Tests: Performing one or more online assessment exams or aptitude tests may be required for employers to assess applicants' cognitive abilities and technical knowledge.
  • In-Person Interview: If qualified, the process will be transferred to the authority of a hiring manager, who will hold one-on-one as well as group interviews with a panel of other interviewers.

LYNX Test Stage

Employers may administer various psychometric tests, used as aptitude entrance exams, to evaluate applicants’ cognitive abilities, behavioral traits, and skill set.

These may include a numerical reasoning test which assesses numerical data analysis and algebraic knowledge, a verbal reasoning evaluation to measure reading comprehension based on the understanding of given passages. Additionally, a situational judgment test (SJT) predicts candidates’ likely future behavior based on their previous reactions to work-related scenarios. Applicants interested in a specific position may complete tests geared towards the technical skills required for the job.

Customer service assessments all look for strong people skills and character traits associated with high-quality customer service. Applicants interested as a supervisor or high-level role may be tested for the competencies in problem-solving, leadership, decision-making, interpersonal skills, team building, and conflict management.

Additionally, mechanical tests determine candidates' familiarity with technical and physical concepts.

Practice for your LYNX test today.

Questions and Answers About LYNX Recruitment

Some questions job seekers may have when looking to begin the LYNX application process are:

How long does the LYNX employment process take?

Answer: There is no established time-frame for a conclusion to be made. The amount of time it takes may vary depending on the number of applicants and the hiring managers availability, as well as the date when the vacancy was established.

Why do employers administer aptitude tests?

Answer: Conducting aptitude Tests is an efficient method when evaluating potential employees. Cognitive abilities can be measured more precisely and focus on several specific character traits and cognitive capabilities. So too, scores are calculated based on the overall scores of other test-takers in order to hire the most qualified employee.

Employees with questions regarding the technicalities involved in their new career may acquire answers during the LYNX training process. The New Hire Orientation provides information over a one-day period, by relating the LYNX history, organizational structure, and company policies.

The New Bus Operator Training covers the guidelines created by the Transit Safety Institute for Vehicle Operations and a New Technician Orientation delivers continuous training and encompasses many technical fields.


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