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Come Prepared for the Kraft Heinz Hiring Process

JobTestPrep’s highly specialized PrepPacks™ were designed to assist you in passing the Kraft Heinz hiring process with general ease. The Kraft Heinz application & hiring process entails several steps, and will generally take several weeks to complete. These steps are detailed below:

  • Online Application: The hiring process will begin once you have submitted your application to the Kraft Heinz website.
  • Phone Interview: The initial phone interview is often conducted by a representative from the Human Resources department. Since the phone interviews are used for additional screening once your application has been received, be prepared to answer questions regarding your availability, salary expectations, etc.
  • Assessment Tests: The assessment tests that you will need to take during the Kraft Heinz hiring process will depend on the position you have applied to. All applicants are required to participate in different competency-based assessments, as well as personality tests.
  • Additional Interviews: Additional interviews will be held over the phone, via Skype, as well as face-to-face. The additional phone and Skype interviews generally last up to 30 minutes and will include more behavioral and competency based questions dependent upon the position you are applying for. The face-to-face interviews will be held on-site either in a one-on-one format or in a panel/ group.

Kraft Heinz Assessment Tests

The assessment tests used by Kraft Heinz during their hiring process will assess your compatibility with the company, its standards, and for the open position you have applied to. The types of assessments you will need to face will depend on your job level and desired position. Our specialized PrepPacks™ cover a variety of relevant assessments whether you will be working on the front lines of manufacturing, or in a supervisory role.

Kraft Heinz Interview Questions

The best method to use when answering the Kraft Heinz interview questions is the STAR technique. The purpose of this method is to present your answers in a manner which is both well organized and engaging.

Many of the Kraft Heinz interview questions will be behavioral and competency-based to ensure your compatibility with the company and the role you have applied for. Preparing in advance will give you the ability to present your answers clearly and professionally.

Here are a few sample Kraft Heinz interview questions:

  • Why Kraft Heinz?
  • Talk about a time you had to work with a difficult colleague. What did you do? What would you do differently now?
  • Did you research the company before you came to this interview?


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