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IDEXX Pre-Hire tutorial Guide

There is no need to be nervous ahead of the IDEXX hiring process. While the competition is certain to be tough and the Watson-Glaser pre-hire tests challenging, JobTestPrep is here to help simplify the preparation process for you. Empower yourself with the information and Tips & tools to enhance your performance.

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IDEXX Interview

Aside from doing your all to prepare for the pre-hire tests, you will also need to take some time to focus on your upcoming interviews, which are no less important. To help you kickstart your interview preparations, here are a few questions and answer to get help the motor running.

Potential IDEX Interview Questions

  • Why are you the best candidate for this position? The hiring manager wants to see if you can dance between confidence, humility, and arrogance. First, make sure that you do not put down anyone else while answering the question. Second, focus in on previous achievements and confirm in your own words why your skill-sets make you the perfect candidate.
  • What is your greatest weakness? This can be a very tricky question and the truth is that you do not really want to answer it. Well, let’s elaborate. You have to do a little dance here by providing an example of prior weakness, which you have already corrected via your resourcefulness. Turn this question and answer into an opportunity to show that you are a self-starter.

IDEXX Pre-Hire Testing

Aside from the competitive nature of the interview, preparing for the IDEXX Pre-Hire exams is critical towards your success. JobTestPrep will provide you with Customized test preparation that you will not get anywhere else.

What is the primary goal of the Watson Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal?

The Watson Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal actually has two primary goals.

  • Talent Acquisition: The first thing the test looks for is for those who will be fit to serve in management and other senior positions within the company.
  • Evaluation of those in Academia: The test is also used to evaluate the critical thinking skills of students in the midsts of advanced degrees.


While the test once contained 80 questions to be completed within a 60-minute time frame, it has been streamlined to a 30 minute and 40 question test.


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