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Caliper Assessment Test

After conducting hours of research, JobTestPrep can report that most HUL job applicants use the Caliper test provider during their interview assessment. Through us, you gain access to to the Caliper test. In our simulation, you have the option of taking the exam online or download a printable PDF version. Inside Caliper, you will note a thorough personality section. The detailed compile of questions is to ensure you have the competitive edge needed to score your upcoming HUL test and interview. Typically, our clients take two to three hours to complete the test.

HUL Hiring Processing

HUL prides itself on keeping their employee base diverse. The application process is not difficult, rather it differs from most. A prerequisite to the in-person interview is playing games and recording responses to various virtual interview questions. Below is an in-depth feel of what to expect in your future career with HUL:

  • Online Resume Application: You can upload your resume to HUL’s website.
  • The Game: After uploading your resume, unique to most application processes, you will be asked to participate in an online game. The game creates various scenarios to better access your strengths and weaknesses, behavior, and personality traits.
  • Video Interview: As part of your online application experience, you will be given a pre-recorded video interview. Here you will be asked questions and will have to answer a recorded response. Questions tend to be around situations and case studies.
  • (Pre) Employment Skype Interview: Depending on your location, you may be invited to partake in a Skype interview.  
  • Face-to-Face Interview: If HUL is pleased with your application, the final stage is an in-person interview. You can expect two interviews. One with the managers and finally one with upper management.

HUL Interview Questions

Whether you are straight out of school or have a long history in the professional world, interviewing can be difficult and draining. Here are a series of interview questions you likely will encounter during your interview experience with HUL:

  • Prepare answers based on product case studies.
  • Which Unilever (HUL) product have you previously enjoyed?
  • We aren’t impressed by your resume… why should we hire you?

Common HUL Jobs

Listed below are a few common jobs that you can find in your new career with HUL:

Process Engineer: In this job, you will work closely with the mechanics, technicians, and operators. You will act as the technical advisor and coach your teams through their obstacles. This position requires a leader, teacher, and someone who isn’t afraid to create new ideas. An engineering degree is required.

Product Assignment: Another common job that is found in HUL is being assigned to a specific product. Here you can find yourself focusing on the ice cream brand Ben & Jerry’s or perhaps in hair products. In this role, you will manage the business relationship between various teams and stakeholders, coordinate annual planning efforts, create trade investments, and more.

Payroll Coordinator: Here you will provide day-to-day administration for the payroll process. Although HUL prefers you to have a bachelor’s degree, they are open to hire people with a high school diploma after having a year of field experience.

HUL Subsidiaries
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