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Depending on the position you are vying for the Healthfirst hiring process may involve several steps.

    • The digital interview where you will be asked questions online in quick succession.
    • Video interview with HR to review your resume and ask you basic questions about your past.
    • In-Person panel interview of minimum three people who will take turns asking technical and informative questions about the company testing your knowledge is all related areas to the job.
    • Making sure you excel on your pre-hire tests and interviews is what JobTestPrep is all about.

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Healthfirst Interview Questions

Aside from giving you all the tools you need to pass the Watson Glaser test online test, JobTestPrep will also give you important tips for you upcoming interview. Here are some questions you should think about before the interview gets underway.

Problem-solving Question

How would you prevent a small problem from becoming a real issue? This question is designed to see how you approach complex issues, react to changing circumstances and analyze data to find the cause of the problem at hand. Answer the question in as methodological manner as possible.

Management Question

On the last project, you saw from start to finish what type of issues did you experience? When asking this question they really want to know how you go about tracking and setting goals, the process of development and how you increase the productivity of your team. Additionally, they want to see that you have a deep experience and understanding of the industry.

Prioritization Question

Have you ever missed a deadline? Don’t try to lie because it happens to everyone, but the real question is why. Show the interviewer how you organize to minimize missing deadlines so that they can know that you are trustworthy to prioritize. As they say, time is money.


The 5 Sections of the Watson Glaser Test

    • Inference: This section assesses your ability to draw conclusions from observed or supposed facts, on a scale of certainty (true/probably true/insufficient data/probably false/false).
    • Recognizing Assumptions: This section measures your ability to recognize whether an assumption was made in a text or not (assumption made/not made).
    • Deduction: This section tests your ability to weigh information and decide whether given conclusions are warranted, formal logic style (conclusion follows/does not follow).
    • Interpretation: This section is similar to the previous section (conclusion follows/does not follow), but does not involve formal logic, and has a different set of rules.
    • Evaluation of Arguments: This section assesses your ability to evaluate the strength of an argument (strong/weak argument).

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