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Flight Attendant Requirements

Airlines tend to look for certain characteristics, skills and qualifications among cabin crew candidates:


Though most flight attendant training takes place on the job, it is recommended that airline attendant candidates also have a flight attendant certification. Additionally, candidates should have at minimum their GED. Many airlines are beginning to favor airline attendant candidates with at least some higher education.


It is very important for airline flight attendants to be helpful, friendly, reliable, and cheerful. They should also be able to act quickly and efficiently in stressful situations.


While the appearance of the cabin crew is not as important as it was in the past, it is still preferred by many airlines that candidates be proportionate. The appearance of flight attendants is also important for practical reasons, not just aesthetics. In the event of an emergency on a flight, it is generally more difficult for overweight individuals to deal with the situation, as well as work long shifts which include lifting heavy luggage, assisting passengers, and moving about the cabin. Very tall people may not fit into the aircraft easily, while very short people may not be able to reach the overhead compartments. Lastly, it is important that a flight attendant be in good shape, as this makes it easier to manage with the unusual physical strains of being a flight attendant, such as irregular sleep patterns, poor eating habits, and constantly breathing recycled air.


Though it is not required, knowing an additional language or two will help individuals looking to for flight attendant jobs in today’s competitive job market.

Flight Attendant Test

All airlines utilize some sort of flight attendant tests in order to choose which candidates will be accepted to be flight attendants. Such tests generally identify the strengths and weaknesses the candidates display. The process of selecting flight attendants is very precise. Tests for airline attendants are intended to identify the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses that are of significance for those working as part of a cabin crew. Candidates will likely need to take a personality test, such as the Five-Factor Personality Profile, as airlines tend to look for flight attendants who are extroverted, conscientiousness, and open to new experiences.

Some airlines, such as Republic Airways, require flight attendants to take the Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Test. Usually, Republic Airways will require candidates to take this test after interviewing and before beginning training.

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