Practice for Cubiks Logiks Advanced Tests

The Cubiks Logiks general advanced test consists of three sections—verbal, numerical, and abstract. There are two different types of Logiks general tests, the intermediate and the advanced. This PrepPack focuses on the advanced test. 

There are three different sections of this test, verbal, numerical, and abstract. You have 20 minutes to complete the entire test and there are 30 questions in total.

Cubiks Verbal Questions

The Cubiks Logiks verbal section comprises 12 questions, which must be answered within an eight-minute time limit. The questions ask you to read through often lengthy texts and select the correct answers based on this. In order to answer the questions correctly, you must have a full comprehension of the texts in order to decide which of the four options is correct.

Cubiks Numerical Questions

The Cubiks Logiks numerical section comprises eight questions and they need to be answered within an eight-minute limit. They cover the following subjects:

  • Algebra word problems – A word problem that can be answered as an equation.
  • Numerical series – Each question consists of a series of numbers. In each series, there is one missing number. You must identify the logical rule behind each series and determine which number completes the series.
  • Four Operations: Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Cubiks Abstract Questions

In this section of the Cubiks Logiks advanced test, you have to answer 10 questions within four minutes. The questions are figural series questions. This means that you are presented with a series of five figures, and you must find the correct answer that completes the series. The frames advance from left to right in a certain way. You must try to predict the next shape in the sequence from the options listed.

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