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Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ)

TDCJ has established a Texas Correctional Officer written exam as an important tool in the hiring process. The TDCJ test is completely job-related and highlights those candidates who possess the skills necessary for effective performance in the training program as well as in the job.

The Corrections test is comprised of general knowledge. You do not need any prior job related training, education or experience to take the exam. The basic nature of the test lends itself well to the TDCJ aim of hiring a wholly diversified set of qualified Corrections personnel who have the ability and mindset to succeed in this challenging field.

Format and Content on TDCJ Exam

On the Texas Correctional Officer Pre-Employment Test you can expect a multiple-choice test composed of five aptitude sections, to be completed within a timeframe of 1 hour and 40 minutes. Each of the five parts contains 20 questions.

The cognitive skills assessed in the TDCJ pre-employment test include:

  • Memory & Observation – The exam presents three photographs, to be studied for a total of five minutes. The three photos are then removed, and you will have five additional minutes to answer 20 questions involving the recall of detail found in the photos.
  • Situational Reasoning – You will find a scenario contained in a single paragraph followed by four distinct actions. This part of the TDCJ test assesses your ability to logically judge a situation. The task involves the selection of the most/least effective action based on the problematic facts included in the scenario.
  • Reading Comprehension/Deductive Reasoning – The exam presents a set of definitions, followed by questions to be answered in accordance with the given definitions. Your job is to apply the definitions in drawing accurate conclusions.
  • Verbal Reasoning - This section of the test requires you to draw conclusions from a list of facts. You will be labeling individual statements as True, False or Cannot be Determined based on the information contained within the given list.
  • Arithmetic – The math part of the Texas Corrections test contains basic arithmetic functions such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. When answering word problems, determine the necessary functions and then apply those functions to calculate your responses. Most applicants consider the Arithmetic portion of the exam to be relatively easy.

Preparing for the TDCJ Corrections Exam

The Texas Correctional Officer test is a powerful factor in the selection process. Through a comprehensive preparation program, you can optimize your exam results. A successful prep system includes TDCJ practice tests, Q & A analysis, study guide and a personality test. JobTestPrep provides all of these study tools with its Corrections Premium Practice Pack which is geared to place you in the best position possible within the TDCJ selection process.

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