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Positions Requiring the Administrative Assistant Exam 

An administrative aide’s duties include scheduling meetings, handling corporate files, and making independent decisions. Preparation for the administrative assistant exam is recommended for those desiring positions that require applicants to pass the test.

The Areas Tested on the Exam

We have listed below some areas that you may encounter on your test.

  • Written Material presentation: How to best present information clearly and comprehensibly in writing
  • Spelling and Grammar: The correct use of language
  • Interpreting Tabular and Written Material: Ability to comprehend and analyze material, including deductions based on such analysis like data trends and interrelationships
  • Logical Reasoning and Text Evaluation: Inferring conclusions based on given facts
  • Record Keeping: Handling data from several sources and maintaining a record system, while using subtotals, averages, etc.
  • Customer Service: Human relations and dealing with situations that arise when assisting customers
  • Basic Arithmetic: Including addition & subtraction, multiplication & division, and percentages

Want to Practice for More Than One Civil Service Exam?

JobTestPrep offers an all-inclusive civil service pack which allows you to study for as many civil service exams as you'd like. The pack allows you to study well in advance and arrive feeling confident.

Prepare for Clerical Administrative Exams

As you can see, passing the administrative assistant test is crucial for many positions in government, and involves proficiency in numerous skills that should be honed before the day of the test. With JobTestPrep you can achieve exactly that.

Want to see what we’re all about? Check out our civil service administrative assistant exam sample questions.

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