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What Does the JobTestPrep Offer?

JobTestPrep has a mission to fulfil job applicants’ career ambitions. We have researched on AutoNation’s hiring process and developed tests maximally approximating to the tests the company administers to its prospective employees. In our exclusive PrepPack™ you will find the Predictive Index Learning Indicator (PI Learning Indicator), Situational Judgement Test, the Numerical Reasoning Test, and Excel, each of which is designed to increase your chances of getting hired. Our personality test, also included among our practice materials, will teach you how to stress those traits that your recruiters search in their employees.

To extend our assistance still further, we have prepared smart answers to the most frequently asked interview questions and added to them tips on how to behave impressively during your interviews. Helped by us, you will inspire your recruiters to put you at the top of their hiring list. JobTestPrep’s resources are also useful, if you are looking to prepare for internship at AutoNation. Purchase our top-notch resources and attain your ambition to work in the company.

The PI Learning Indicator Test

This test is referred to also as the Predictive Index Learning Indicator and the Professional Learning Indicator. It is employed to evaluate job candidates’ general intelligence. It measures how well they understand and process complex information and how quickly they reason and solve problems. To finetune their analysis of applicants’ cognitive capability even more, inventors of the PI test have divided its questions into three broad categories and subdivided them into three subcategories. As a result, as many as nine cognitive abilities get assessed on the test.     

Sub-Category Category
1. Analogies Verbal
2. Antonyms
3. Verbal Analysis
4. Number Series Numerical
5. Math Problems
6. Number Value
7. Visual Analogies Abstract Reasoning
8. Visual Series
9. Common Features


Questions posed on the PI test are not complicated, since its aim is to estimate how well applicants think rather than what they know. For the same reason, there are no confusing or ambiguous words included in the test. Get ready to answer 50 questions within 12 minutes. Having only 14.4 seconds to answer each question can be challenging. To meet this challenge, you need to practice before you start your assessment at AutoNation.  Avail yourself of the opportunity to study with our resources and achieve good results on your examination.  

AutoNation’s Hiring Process

If you applied for an internship program or any position at AutoNation, you will be contacted by the company’s recruiter to arrange a phone interview with you. On your phone interview, you will be asked questions about your education and previous working experience. Before you have a face-to-face interview, you will be invited to take a test. Which test will be administered to you depends on the position for which you applied. In addition to the PI or the SJT, you may be asked to complete Excel test.

The in-person interview will be with the Human Resources manager and managers of the departments to which you will be assigned, if you get hired. The managers will talk to you about the company, your future position, pay rate, and benefits. They will also ask you situational questions. Your replies to situational questions will be more informative, if you answer them in the STAR format. You may also go through our interview preparation kit and practice before you set a foot in AutoNation’s interview room. If the face-t-face interview goes well, you may receive a job offer.



JobTestPrep offers a rich variety of accurate test simulations to help you achieve high scores on your examination. We can also give you valuable tips on how to deliver memorable performance during your interview. Purchase our PrepPack™ and shoot ahead of other applicants vying with you for your preferred position.  


AutoNation, PI, SJT, Excel, and other trademarks are the property of their respective trademark holders. None of the trademark holders is affiliated with JobTestPrep or this website.

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