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If you are interested in becoming a pilot or flight officer for the U.S. Navy, Marine Corps, or Coast Guard, you will need to take the Aviation Selection Test Battery (ASTB) in order to be selected for the pilot and flight officer training programs. The ASTB Mechanical Comprehension Test is made up of 30 questions with a 15-minute time allotment and is used to assess the candidate’s ability to recognize and comprehend the nature of physical relationships as well as to solve practical problems which are relevant to mechanical principles.

The Mechanical Comprehension section of the ASTB test includes such topics generally found in a beginner's level of high school physics. Test takers are assessed on their knowledge of principles related to liquids and gases, as well as their understanding of how liquids and gases affect volume, pressure, and velocity in the Mechanical Comprehension Test of the ASTB. Other questions in this section relate to the performance and components of engines, gears, principles of electricity, the operation of simple machines (such as fulcrums and pulleys), and weight distribution. 

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Who is Required to Take the ASTB Mechanical Comprehension Test?

The ASTB is used by the U.S. Marine Corps, Navy, and Coast Guard in order to choose candidates for flight officer and pilot training programs.

Prepare Online for the ASTB Mechanical Comprehension Test

Currently, JobTestPrep offers a general mechanical aptitude test which includes materials covered on the ASTB Mechanical Comprehension Test.

JobTestPrep will soon provide an ASTB Mechanical Comprehension study guide which will include the aptitude test, including in-depth explanations necessary for success. This practice pack will provide you with the practice and confidence you need to do well on the ASTB Mechanical Comprehension Test.

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