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World of Work, Inc. (WOWI) is a series of assessments designed to help you determine which profession best suits you. The WOWI is comprised of three parts that measure a person in relation to his or her individual differences. 

Career Training Potentials

The Career Training Potentials (CTP) WOWI measures aptitude, such as spatial skills, sequential reasoning abilities, and the capacity for dealing with abstract concepts. The CTP consists of 98 items measuring six aptitude-achievement areas. The questions are multiple-choice and consist of four answer options.

  • Verbal – the ability to read and comprehend words.
  • Numerical – the ability to manipulate the language of numbers.
  • Abstractions – the ability to solve problems by means of size, position, shape, or quantity without assistance from words or numbers.
  • Spatial-Form – the ability to visualize and think in three dimensions and to formulate a finished product from seeing the visual plans.
  • Mechanical/Electrical –the ability to construct, operate, and repair machinery as well as understand physical forces.
  • Organizing Skill – the ability to concentrate and perform sequential reasoning using alpha and numeric symbols.

Career Interest Activities

The Career Interest Activities (CIA) WOWI determines ideal work style by testing versatility, adaptability, perspective, and more. The CIA consists of 136 items measuring 17 career areas. You will be asked whether you like, dislike, or are neutral to a job temperament indicator.

The career areas measured on the CIA are:

  • Public Service
  • The Sciences
  • Engineering & Related
  • Business Relations
  • Managerial
  • The Arts
  • Clerical
  • Sales
  • Service
  • Outdoor
  • Industrial

Job Satisfaction Indicators

The Job Satisfaction Indicators (JSI) section of the WOWI tracks work-related preferences, such as integrating personal expression, applying research, and organizing information. The JSI consists of 96 items measuring 12 job temperament areas. The JSI consists of statements that you will need to indicate if you like, dislike, or are neutral toward.

The JSI measures work style preference based on the following scales:

  • Versatile
  • Adaptable to Repetitive Work
  • Adaptable to Performance
  • Dominant
  • Gregarious
  • Isolative
  • Influencing
  • Self-controlled
  • Valuative
  • Objective
  • Subjective
  • Rigorous

Prepare for the WOWI

JobTestPrep provides practice tests and study guides to help you get the results you want on the WOWI. Our score reports offer explanations to help you gain a better understanding of your results. Start preparing with our practice test now.

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