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Practice with our Windhaven Wonderlic-Style PrepPacks™

Our Wonderlic test PrepPacks™ have been designed to ensure your success during the Windhaven hiring process. Face every stage in the Windhaven recruitment process with confidence with JobTestPrep.


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JobTestPrep primary concern is getting you in fighting shape for your Windhaven Wonderlic tests and interview process. Get prepped only with JobTestPrep.


Windhaven Interview Process

In some cases, Windhaven prefers screening candidates using online test before a face-to-face interview (this may or may not be after passing an initial phone interview). In other cases, the test will take place after the Windhaven recruiters have met you and have been impressed by your persona and past work experience insights.

How Long is the Personality Test?

There is no time limit on the Personality Test. You may take as much time as you want to answer 180-200 questions usually posed on this test. Because there are many questions that will require you to think your answers through, it may take you more than 3 hours to complete the whole test.

What Does the SJT Prove?

The test proves that you can clearly communicate and more importantly mediate between colleges and find unique solutions to both every day and more complicated issues in the office and company at large. If you can cope with the pressure, your future employer will know by the end of the test.

What Is the Windhaven Interview Process Like?

The Windhaven interview process may include a number of different interviews including a screening phone interview, as well as subsequent face-to-face interviews. The phone interview is usually conducted by a member of the HR department who will ask questions regarding your availability, previous work experience, and salary expectations.

If you have passed the initial phone interview, you should be contacted by Windhaven to participate in a series of face-to-face interviews. These may be held either one-on-one, or in a group or panel. The face-to-face interviews often include questions to expand upon the initial phone interview questions, as well those of a behavioral and competency-based nature. Be aware that you may need to take your pre-employment assessments either prior to your face-to-face interview(s), or as part of the interview process.

Once the interview and assessment process has been concluded, you should hear from Windhaven as to whether or not they will be offering you the open position. This process can take anywhere from several weeks to a few months to complete.

When Should I Begin Preparing For My Windhaven Wonderlic Test?

The best time to begin preparing for your Windhaven Wonderlic test is as soon as possible. Giving yourself the ability to practice for your Wonderlic test beforehand will give you an undoubted advantage over the other Windhaven applicants who will also be taking the same tests.

Does Every Position at Windhaven Require Taking the Wonderlic Test?

Not necessarily – this depends on which position you’re applying for, and the skills that take to fulfill its everyday tasks. For this reason, JobTestPrep constantly researches Windhaven’s different hiring processes in order to prepare candidates for every situation. If you are applying to more than one position or not sure which tests are assigned yet, better be safe than sorry – get familiar with the various tests we have in our Windhaven PrepPacks™.


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