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Preparation for the Unum Hiring Process

Founded in 1848, Unum is one of the top insurance companies in disability, accident, critical illness, dental, vision insurance, and voluntary benefits. Their products and services contribute to positive change in communities and helps employers manage their businesses and employees protect their families and livelihoods. Unum is a widely traded company with offices throughout the United States and the United Kingdom.

The Unum recruitment process is below:

Application: To get started on the application process, you can fill out a form and upload your resume. When your resume is assessed, the hiring team will evaluate your accomplishments and skills. Other ways to apply can be done through an employee referral or a campus recruiter.

Telephone Interview: The first interview you will most likely face is a short phone conversation with an HR representative. Questions will be based on your background and goals before scheduling an in-person interview.

In-Person Interview: Next, you will be invited to take part in one or more interviews with an employer and other managers. Companies seek to hire motivated and innovative applicants so they want to hear about your career goals, cognitive abilities, and skills.

Tests: The psychometric exam process includes various Unum aptitude tests to measure your cognitive abilities and fit for the job position. By applying these assessments, companies can more accurately determine which candidates to hire for the available jobs.


The Unum Watson Glaser Test Process

The Watson Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal (WGCTA) is a renowned test created by Pearson Assessments and can be performed online or as a written test. There are two essential reasons for giving this exam. The first reason is to decide on which graduates and professionals to hire. The second reason for this Unum aptitude test is so that the hiring team has the right tools to assess one’s critical thinking skills.

Critical thinking is the capability to evaluate and understand a situation from several perspectives and to make one’s own assumptions. When completing the critical thinking test, five sections are marked, and results are based on the three keys of critical thinking. These three areas assess one’s comprehension, analysis, and evaluation abilities. Other Unum assessment tests may be given to assess candidates’ personality and behavioral tendencies.

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Unum Interview Questions

The Unum interviews help companies assess which candidates are suitable for the career. Interview questions are used to evaluate one’s personality, skills, and intellectual knowledge. Behavioral interviews may take place and applies questions related to one’s prior work experiences. Technical interviews may also be used, in which questions assess one’s understanding of the job’s requirements.

Some possible Unum interview questions may be:

  • Describe a situation where you had to deal with a challenging customer.
  • What are some challenges you have had with coworkers in the past?
  • Tell us about a project that you are proud of.
  • What cause/special interest are you passionate about and why?
Unum Subsidiaries
LeaveLogic, Inc. Duncanson & Holt Inc. Paul Revere Corp. First Unum Life Insurance Company
National Dental Plan Limited H&J Capital, LLC MIC Holdings Limited Tailwind Holdings LLC


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