Thurstone Test of Mental Alertness (TMA) Practice

The Thurstone Test of Mental Alertness is comprised of 126 verbal and quantitative questions of varying difficulty. These questions are broken up into four categories: arithmetic (word problems), number series (logic), same-opposite (synonyms or antonyms), and definitions. You will have only 20 minutes to complete the test.

What Is the Thurstone Test of Mental Alertness (TMA)?

The Thurstone Test of Mental Alertness assesses your ability to problem solve through a variety of levels.

The test is scored using a percentile bell curve. This means that the difference between an average score and a great score may be measured by only a few points. For example, a score of 80 translates to the 74th percentile, while a score of 90 is in the 90th percentile—a huge difference when choosing whom to hire.

What Happens If I Achieve a High Score on the Test?

To get a job in a managerial position, in sales, or as a bank teller, you will likely be required to take an assessment test like the Thurstone Test of Mental Alertness. Along with a good interview and a stellar resume, your high score will push you forward in the hiring process and help you beat out the competition. By achieving a high score on the Thurstone Test of Mental Alertness, the door will be open to a career in a high-paying, secure job.


What Are the Challenges to Passing?

The Thurstone Test of Mental Alertness shifts between verbal and quantitative questions as they increase in difficulty. The test is comprised of 126 questions and you have 20 minutes in which to complete it, which is essentially fewer than ten seconds per question. That is why it is necessary to practice making quick, confident decisions.


Get Ready for Your TMA Test

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Thurstone Test of Mental Alertness Sample Questions

Below are just a few sample questions, but additional questions, practice tests, and study resources are available within the Thurstone Test of Mental Awareness PrepPack™. The answers to these sample questions are filled in for you.

1. Arithmetic – Word Problems

a. How many quarters are there in $1.68?



The correct answer is (C). There are 6 quarters in $1.50, and adding one more quarter would be $1.75. Therefore, there can only be 6 quarters in $1.68.

b. If a grandmother can knit a sweater every nine days, how many sweaters could she knit in a month?


The correct answer is (B). A month has at most 31 days, which means that the grandmother can only fit 3 sweaters a month: 9 X 3 = 27.

2. Number Series – Logical Order

a. 121 132 127 138 133 144 139 ……


The correct answer is (A). The pattern of the series is (121) + 11 – 5 + 11 – 5 + 11 – 5. Therefore, the next logical number in the series is 139 + 11, which is 150.

b. 2 6 5 15 14 42 41 ……


The correct answer is (C). The pattern of the series is (2) x 3 – 1 x 3 – 1 x 3 – 1. Therefore, the next logical number in the series is 41 x 3, which is 123.

3. Same-opposite – Synonyms-Antonyms

In each row of words, find a word that means the same as or the opposite of the first word in the row.

a. happy: A-tired B-caring C-morose D-wild


The correct answer is (C). Morose is an antonym of "happy."

b. win: A-triumph B-grip C-produce D-give


The correct answer is (A). Triumph is a synonym of "win."

4. Definition –

Choose the first letter of the word that is defined below.

a. A writing implement used with ink.


The correct answer is (E). The writing implements the question mentions is a "pen."

b. A game played by two people, each using sixteen pieces of six types, whose object is to bring the opponent's king into checkmate.


The correct answer is (B). The game the question mentions is "chess."

Preparing for the Thurstone Test of Mental Alertness

Today's job market is very competitive, and prospective employers will use every tool available with which to make the correct hiring decision. That is why practicing in advance for the Thurstone Test of Mental Alertness is essential. Scoring high will give you a competitive edge and increase your chances of being hired.

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