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TEKSystems Company - What Is It All About?

TEKSystems is an IT Services and Consulting company that helps fortune 500 companies solve complex technology, business and talent challenges.

TEKSystems’ Recruitment Process

TEKSystems’ recruitment process has several stages.

First, you need to upload your résumé on the company’s website. After this, you will be contacted by a corporate recruiter who will talk to you on the phone about your education, work experience, and career goals.

Try to answer questions in the STAR format, since it allows you to deliver the most informed and exhaustive responses. Your phone interview may take up to 40 minutes.

If the corporate recruiter is pleased with your answers over the phone, you will be required to pass one of the IKM tests.

TEKsystems’ recruiters try to ensure that they hire only knowledgeable and pleasant people. Therefore, they rely on IKM tests to eliminate unsuitable candidates.

Good results on the test will bring you an invitation to a face-to-face interview. During it, you will have an opportunity to talk with prospective managers of the departments to which you may be assigned if you get the job. Be ready to answer competency-based and situational questions.

If you create a favorable impression during your interview, you will be asked to shadow an employee working in a similar role for which you applied. The observation of your would-be colleague in the workplace may take up to half a day.

After shadowing, you may have a conversation with a Director of Operations or another high-profile manager.

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What Are IKM Tests?

IKM uses the most sophisticated methodology and technology to create a wide range of pre-hire tests. Among them are knowledge measurement tests, accounting tests, skill tests, various aptitude tests, and attitude assessments.

Depending on the position for which you compete, you may either be asked to pass IKM Skill Test or Attitude/Aptitude Test. IKM Test measures applicants’ skills and professional abilities.

By excelling on this test, you will prove to your prospective employer that you can be trusted with performing the most complicated operations in your new workplace.

Another variant of the IKM test is the Attitude/Aptitude Test. It is designed to determine whether you will not exhibit counterproductive behavior when hired.

By administering this test to its job candidates, employers want to weed out those people among them who will waste time in their workplace, damage office equipment, or mistreat their colleagues.

IKM Attitude/Aptitude Test also determines candidates’ most evident professional and personal qualities. Overall, it evaluates whether you will be a good fit for your role and the company in general.

IKM IT Coding Test is offered to software engineers and programmers. It is designed to ascertain how well job candidates can write codes.

There are different IT Coding tests ranging from C++, to JavaScript, and Java, among others. Passing IKM tests with an unqualified success is not an easy feat.

You will surely undermine your chances of getting hired, if you come to your pre-employment assessment at TEKSystemswithout preparation.

Study with JobTestPrep’s materials and nail your performance both on your tests and interviews.

How Can JobTestPrep Help You Out?

JobTestPrep has years of experience in developing tests closely approximating to official tests that companies administer to their applicants during their pre-employment assessment.

To enable job candidates to become employed at TEKSystems, we have created the IKM tests designed to improve your professional skills, acquired knowledge, your aptitude for the applied position, and your attitude to your future role and working in general.

Our practice materials are so designed that you will not only familiarize yourself with the IKM test’s format but will also hone your reasoning, verbal, and numerical skills.

By going over our tests and study guides thoughtfully collected for you in one exclusive PrepPack™, you will also learn how to place extra stress on your best professional and personal qualities during your examination and interviews.

To ensure your success not only on your pre-hire testing but also on face-to-face interviews, we have added to our materials also tips on how to behave yourself while talking to your recruiters.

Our interview kit also contains a list of the most frequently asked interview questions and possible answers to them. If you equip yourself with winning answers, you will feel confident and calm on your upcoming interview.

And what is more important, feeling confident, you will surely catch the attention of TEKSystems’ recruiters, motivating them to choose you among other candidates for your desired role.

Do not hurt your chances of doing well on your pre-employment assessment. Study with our high-quality materials and launch a distinguished career at TEKSystems.


JobTestPrep puts forth an effort to design accurate test simulations, with which job candidates can practice before their actual exam. Purchase our practice materials and become a part of a team of experts at TEKsystems.



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