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Stanards and Associate Public Safety Exams

Stanards and Associates offer various exams throughout the United States. Stanards specializes in public safety exams for the following fields:

POST Police Test

The National Police Officer Selection Test (NPOST or POST), developed by Stanard & Associates, Inc., is administered by multiple police and sheriff’s departments across the U.S. The passages and questions contained in this entrance exam are job-related and used for law enforcement fields such as sheriff’s deputies, state troopers and patrol officers.

The basic cognitive aptitudes measured in the POST include:

  • Reading Comprehension is used on the job through Incident Reports, criminal records, federal and state laws, local ordinances, written instructions and suspect descriptions.
  • Math skills that are basic in nature are necessary in the performance of daily law enforcement tasks such as the calculation of shortest routes and cost of items stolen. Math reasoning abilities are used to assess thinking skills.
  • Grammar becomes an important skill set when applied to the writing of reports and descriptions.
  • Incident Report Writing assesses the overall ability to write accurate and concise sentences.

The more you work on POST sample tests, the more familiar you will become with the subject matter of each aptitude, types of questions and exam format. This is the way to increase your speed and accuracy, optimizing your exam result.

National Corrections Officer Selection Test (NCST)

The NCST encompasses three cognitive aptitudes. Expect scenarios and questions that involve the everyday circumstances encountered by corrections officers.

  • Reading Comprehension assesses your ability to understand written passages in the context of jail-based scenarios.
  • Problem Solving involves the essential ability to handle new situations as they arise.
  • Report Writing focuses on grammar, spelling, punctuation, clarity and accuracy.

National Dispatcher Selection Test (NDST)

The dispatcher is usually the first contact in the public safety support chain. Dispatcher accuracy in discerning the gist of dilemmas and conveying that information to law enforcement or firefighter responders are often the elements that determine life or death results.

Aptitude areas tested include the essential skills that are necessary for effective performance of dispatcher tasks:

  1. Reading Comprehension
  2. Listening
  3. Problem Solving
  4. Multi-Tasking
  5. Prioritizing

National Firefighter Selection Test (NFST)

If this is the exam you will be taking, you can expect to encounter three basic skills:

  1. Reading Comprehension
  2. Listening
  3. Mathematics

Prepare with JobTestPrep

Every aptitude is tested in the context of on-the-job situations. The scenarios and questions are presented in each of the four exams as reflections of the position itself. For example, the mathematics word problem scenarios contained in the POST differs substantially from the math word problem situations presented in the National Firefighter Selection Test. Exam preparation tools include a study guide, Stanard & Associates practice tests, Q & A analysis and exam strategies.

Those who wind up with the job are the candidates who achieve the highest test scores. It takes time and effort to thoroughly prepare for an S&A exam. JobTestPrep provides an affordable, easily accessible and thorough Stanard & Associates Prep Packs.

Applying for a position in public safety? You will likely come across a Stanard and Associate exam. JobTestPrep prepares you for their exams with practice tests, study guides and detailed explanations to allow you to really understand the material. Subscribe below to be updated the moment your Prep Pack goes online.

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