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How to Join ReSource Pro

The path to joining ReSource Pro runs through its competitive and challenging hiring process. You want to ensure that you can not only contend against competing job applicants but instead stand heads above shoulders. JobTestPrep is dedicated to helping you accomplish this feat by giving you exclusive access to our renowned PrepPacks™. You will get all-inclusive study guides, practice tests along with a host of other useful tools like score reports, video tutorials and answer explanations. Don’t let the others get the better of you and take your next big step with JobTestPrep at your side.

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ReSource Pro Interview Focus

So many fail during the interview segment of the hiring process, due to lack of preparedness. With JobTestPrep you will not only understand the pre-hire test material but also will gain valuable insight into the interview segment whether it be face-to-face, video or by phone. Let’s take a moment to look at the STAR method and how it can help you take control of your answers.

The STAR Method

The overall goal of the STAR method is to quickly give the interviewer not only an understanding of what you do but how you do it.

  • Situation: You begin your answer by giving a detailed description of the event, as this helps paint a broad picture of what you are about as a candidate.
  • Task: You have to quickly move from your opening into specifics, by giving precise details what the issues and its effect on productivity.
  • Action: Now you get to the heart of the matter by explaining not only the actions you took but why you decided to take them and the process by which your actions gained acceptance.
  • Result: In summation, you explain how your actions led to either short or long-term success.

Primetals Pre-Hire Test Example

Caliper Personality Test

The Caliper assessment is available online and in pen and paper formats. This is a multiple-choice exam with 180 questions. While most applicants spend between two to three 3 hours taking the Caliper personality test, there is no actual time limit. It is essential that you answer every question, as the Caliper test cannot be scored if there are any blank spaces on the answer sheet.

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