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Refresco’s Hiring Process

The recruitment process involves several interviews with different heads of departments as well as several tests. Judging by the requirements they post on their job applications, they primarily look for people with the following skills:

  • Good communication and interpersonal skills
  • Knowledge of computer applications 

Refresco Interview Stages

While Refresco is one company, it has a presence in several locations. This and the type of job you are applying for have a heavy influence on the type and number of interviews you will have to go through. You may be required to participate in several of the following interviews:

  • An initial phone interview. Phone interviews are conducted via the telephone and usually last about 30 minutes. The candidate will be asked a series of basic questions like the availability to work, the salary requirements, experience, the reason for the desire to work at the company, duties, and responsibilities etc. If the phone interview is successful, the candidate will be asked to either complete a video interview or meet for a formal in-person interview.
  • Video interviews. There are two types of video interviews, a live one, and a pre-recorded one. A live video interview, which will be done through Skype, will assess you more closely. It usually has behavioral based questions and some technical questions. This type of interview can take between 40-60 minutes. A pre-recorded video interview involves employers sending you a link to an interview platform which contains pre-determined interview questions. Here, you will have a chance to briefly view the question before you record and submit your answer.
  • Several levels of in-person interviews. A series of face-to-face (or in-person) interviews with multiple people. These are usually done gradually with an HR representative, your direct supervisor and another person in a managerial position.
  • Panel interviews. A panel interview is where a candidate is interviewed by a group of interviewers. Sometimes, when there are many candidates applying for the job, the interviewers will interview a group of candidates simultaneously. Typically, each interviewer asks at least one question. The purpose of these, besides saving time, is to put pressure on the candidates and to see how they respond. 

The Tests at Refresco

The most important test that you will take during the hiring process at Refresco is the Ramsay Skills test which includes the following:

  • The Combined Basic Skills Test: Ramsay’s combined basic skills examination touches a broad range of topics to better formulate a brisk understanding of your skillsets. Topics can include verbal comprehension which identifies your literacy and performance skills and mathematical skills to cipher how you evaluate and calculate equations. Next, there is a section in the Ramsay test that includes inspection and measurements to better grasp your knowledge and working pace. Lastly, the problem-solving section of the exam leaves upper-management personnel with further knowledge of your day-to-day response to unique situations.
  • The Ramsay Measurement, Reading, and Arithmetic Test: Within the dynamics of the Ramsay test, you will find a section dedicated to measurements, reading, and arithmetic. This is a deeper version of the combined basic skills tests typically used for operating engineers. The 100 question test is typically broken down by 40 reading and 40 arithmetic questions with the leftover 20 questions dedicated to measurements. There is usually a capped 85-minute time limit. While it is possible to complete the test within the time frame, statistically, most people do not. The minuscule amount of time is purposely set in place to see how you react in stressful situations and measure accordingly.


Commonly Asked Interview Questions

While the exact types of interviews may vary, depending on the candidates, there are some common interview questions which include:

  • Give some examples of your teamwork in completing a critical project.
  • Why do you want to work here?
  • How do you handle stress and pressure?

Working next to professionals will allow you to further improve your skills. It could be an amazing opportunity to work for Refresco. The highly competitive hiring process, however, can hinder your chances of success.JobTestPrep will help you succeed and outshine your competitors. JobTestprep offers many useful tests, study guides, interview tips and more. Join us today!


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