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Prepare for the USPS exam with our free sample tests and access practice drills in address checking, forms completion and, coding/memory.

Free Test Lengh Number of Questions
Address Checking 4 minutes 20
Forms Completion 3.5 minutes 7
Coding & Memory 15 minutes 24

Get Prepared with Our Full USPS Postal Exam PrepPack™

Access our comprehensive USPS Postal Exam Practice and get a complete practice experience. Start practicing with exclusive online practice tests, score reports, and detailed answer explanations that will have feeling confident on the day of your test.

What Is the USPS Postal Exam 473?

The Postal Exam is one of the most highly competitive federal civil service exams. It is pass or fail exam, with 70 being the qualifying score. To be seriously considered for employment with the USPS, you need to score above 80. Taking our free Postal Exam practice test, along with studying with our USPS Test sample questions and Preparation Materials, are crucial to passing the 473 Exam successfully.

Structure of the Postal Test 473

The exam has four sections:

Test Section Number of Items Time Alloted
Part A: Address Checking 60 11 minutes
Part B: Forms Completion 30 15 minutes
Part C1: Coding 36 6 minutes
Part C2: Memory 36 7 minutes
Part D: Personal Characteristics and Experience Inventory 236 90 minutes

Why Prepare for a Postal Service 473 Exam?

  • If you don’t achieve the score you want, there is a 90-day wait period to retest.
  • The average postal worker makes $51,000 a year.
  • A full-time postal worker gets comprehensive health, vision, and dental coverage.
  • A full-time postal worker receives at least 20 vacation days per year, and up to 30 days based on seniority.
  • You can receive paid overtime.
  • You are outside and moving around all day.
  • The USPS starts hiring from the top score down. The higher you score, the more likely they will call your name while there are still open positions.
  • You have to complete the exam under a time limit. It’s vital to become familiar enough with the questions and answers that you can complete the entire test within the time allowed.
  • There is a union for Postal Workers, protecting your rights.

Prepare with the Postal Exam PrepPack™

Our practice pack includes additional practice resource to help you become the primary candidate for employment with the USPS. Watch the video below for more details about what you get in the Postal Exam Preparation Materials.

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