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Sample Questions:

Part A: Address Checking

In each question, you are required to compare both the address and the zip code between the columns. Mark according to the following: 
A. No errors. 
B. Error(s) in the Address part only. 
C. Error(s) in the Zip Code part only. 
D. Error(s) in both parts.

Note that on the real test, you will have only 11 minutes to complete 60 questions.

 The answers to Part A


Part B: Form Completion

Examine the form below and answer the questions that follow.
In the real test, you will only have 15 minutes to answer 30 questions, corresponding to five to seven forms.







The answers to Part B 

  1. B
  2. A
  3. D
  4. B

Part C1: Coding

In this section, you will be presented with a coding guide of addresses and delivery route, and in each question, will be asked to assign different addresses to their correct route. While technically a simple task, you will only have six minutes to complete 36 questions.



Part C2: Memory

The task of this section is similar to the task of the previous section, with one crucial difference: you will not be able to use the coding guide for reference, but instead, will have to remember the addresses and their delivery routes by heart. You will have to memorize the guide during practice sections as well as during the coding section.


The answers to Part C1:

Why Prepare for a Postal Service 473 Exam?

While the tasks themselves might not be difficult, the time constraints require you to be extremely quick while maintaining accuracy. Taking practice tests and familiarizing yourself with the structure of the test will help you master these skills. Practicing is even more important when you take into consideration the scoring system of the exam. In both the form completion and the coding & memory sections, points are deducted for wrong answers. Minimize them by coming to the exam with a prepared solving strategy. To be seriously considered for employment with the USPS, you need to score above 80.



Structure of the Postal Test 473

The exam consists of five sections:

Test Section Number of Items Time Alloted
Part A: Address Checking 60 11 minutes
Part B: Forms Completion 30 15 minutes
Part C1: Coding 36 6 minutes
Part C2: Memory 36 7 minutes
Part D: Personal Characteristics and Experience Inventory 236 90 minutes



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