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Prepare for New York Life with JobTestPrep

Not only do more and more companies use assessment tests, but also candidates are increasingly putting more efforts in seeking for preparation materials and actively practicing– which only makes the competition tougher. Many companies have since been trying to rise to the challenge and create similar tests, but none of them has come close to our 25-year experience of constant research and development, preparing hundreds of thousands for jobs in any industry and position. Join everyone else and start practicing for the New York Life hiring process with our custom-made preparation packs, including extensive tutorials and tips throughout the entire time.


Passing New York Life Assessment Tests is within Your Reach

Ready yourself for the New York Life pre-employment assessments and interviews through JobTestPrep. We provide job-seekers with an abundance of preparation materials for a variety of aptitude tests and interview types. The proper preparation will be the key to unlocking a successful career with New York Life – sign up today!


New York Life Interview Expectations

The interview process starts the moment you are contacted, whether you’re faced with a “proper” phone interview, a brief sweep over the job details and confirmation you’re interested, or even just a New York Life representative scheduling you for an interview. In any case, make sure you’re cordial, elaborative when necessary, and any inquiries you have are made politely.

What Are the Types of the New York Life Aptitude Test?

The Aptitude Test is roughly divided into speed tests and power tests. Speed tests are usually offered to job applicants vying for administrative and clerical positions. Power tests are given to those who are competing for managerial and professional jobs. Most common among various aptitude tests are the Verbal Reasoning, Spatial Reasoning, Abstract Reasoning, Numerical Reasoning, and Mechanical Reasoning.

What Kinds of the Verbal Reasoning Test Will I Have?

there are three basic types of the Verbal Reasoning Test. On the basic Verbal Reasoning Test, you will be asked to identify word analogies, complete sentences, or choose a synonym or antonym for an underlined word. The more complex kind of the test invites you to read a text and make logical conclusions about it. The most difficult kind of the Verbal Reasoning Test asks you to make a decision about a statement based on a written text that you will need to peruse within a very short period of time.

Do All Industries use Mathematical Tests?

Yes, a wide range if companies and industries apply numerical tests to the hiring process. The higher up the position like managerial roles or higher C-Level “boardroom” roles will require more intensive forms of the test. Companies run on data, so understanding how to calculate and apply is crucial in any industry.

What Sorts of Questions Should I Expect During my New York Life Interviews?

You should expect to be asked questions regarding your credentials, previous work experience, as well as behavioral and competency based questions during the New York Life interview process. Our interview PrepPack™ includes advice for each interview type, common questions and their responses, and other various tips for passing all of your New York Life interviews.

Can JobTestPrep Help Me Pass All of My New York Life Assessments?

When signing up with JobTestPrep, you will be able to access a myriad of assessment tests similar to the tests being used by New York Life during their hiring process. Prior familiarization to the various tests and answers will assist you in completing them in real-time, thus helping to improve your overall scores and your ability to outshine the other New York Life candidates.


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