Korn Ferry 360

What is the Korn Ferry 360 Assessment? 

The Korn Ferry 360 assessment evaluates your working abilities and leadership skills on 38 Business Competencies and 10 Career Stallers and Stoppers.

This multi-rate assessment gathers insights and feedback from supervisors, direct reports, and colleagues, with a customized selection process for raters.

The results unveil your strengths and weaknesses, hidden capabilities, and blind spots that may not be apparent in your daily working assignments. This 360-degree feedback process allows you to perceive yourself as others do, recognizing the misalignments between intentions and behaviors. As such, the Korn Ferry 360 offers a holistic view of your strengths and areas for development, unlike aptitude assessments such as Korn Ferry (Talent Q) Elements and Aspects or even the Korn Ferry Leadership Assessments, which indicate your abilities and fit to the position and organization before starting the job.

Unlike traditional performance reviews, 360-degree feedback involves gathering anonymous individual and group feedback reports from various sources, mirroring your competencies, behaviors, and impact.

The completion time for the Korn Ferry 360 assessment depends on the number of competencies requiring feedback, as defined by your organization.

 Korn Ferry 360 Assessment Competency Model

The Korn Ferry 360 assessment is based on the competency model in which 38 competencies are divided into four categories aimed at identifying strengths, areas for improvement, and development needs:

  1. Thought – understanding the business, making tough decisions, and thinking strategically.
  2. Results – initiating action, coordinating tasks, and concentrating on results.
  3. People – fostering teamwork, leveraging diverse talents, and influencing others.
  4. Self – Being genuine, showing self-awareness, adaptability, and handling uncertainty.

Additionally, the Korn Ferry 360 identifies career Stallers and Stoppers as crucial for leadership performance, as these can be considered harmful behavioral factors.
Similar to the Korn Ferry Leadership Assessment, you will have a competency title and definition along the top, and you'll be asked to rate yourself on your skill in this competency and its importance.

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 Korn Ferry 360 Assessment Report 

After completing the Korn Ferry 360 assessment, you will receive a detailed 65-page report offering actionable improvement suggestions.

This comprehensive report allows you to identify your highest and lowest competencies, and any career stallers and stoppers that may hinder success in the workplace.

You can utilize this data to focus on the competencies that will yield the most significant return on development efforts, gaining deep insights into each competency or staller/stopper with information on skills, potential overuse, blind spots, and hidden strengths.

You will also see the perspectives of each rater group, along with the consistency of agreement within those groups.

The report includes space for notes, allowing you to revisit thoughts and ideas from your feedback sessions. It also informs coaching conversations and initiates crucial development processes with focused guidance that can be integrated into the report.

Following the assessment, you'll participate in a 120-minute coaching debrief, an online session with a certified coach who will guide you through your assessment outcomes and provide personalized strategies for growth.


 Korn Ferry 360 Certification

 Korn Ferry also offers a professional development program to administer and implement the Korn Ferry 360 assessment in organizations.

The course is designed for professional coaches implementing the Korn Ferry 360 tool, HR professionals pursuing accreditation through The HR Certification Institute™ (HRCI), and the International Coach Federation (ICF). Attendees are prepared to implement KF360 Competencies within their organization and provide feedback on KF360 reports.

Based on the company's survey process, Korn Ferry Certifications meets these organizations' requirements. It supports two approaches: competency-based and behavior-based, both rooted in the Korn Ferry Leadership Architect™ (KFLA) competency model. This enables customization of content specific to an organization's needs.

The program's objectives include discussing theory, best practices for 360º assessments and feedback exploration, walking through the assessment process, interpreting feedback reports, conducting feedback and debrief sessions, and practicing participant feedback.

The course typically lasts 2-3 days and can be administered online or on-site, with sessions lasting 4 to 6 hours per day. Participants receive Korn Ferry study materials, handbooks, workbooks, and competency sort cards.



What is the Korn Ferry 360 assessment?

The Korn Ferry 360 Assessment is an evaluation questionnaire designed for employee evaluations within organizations, offering an online feedback system for self-assessment and gathering feedback from peers, supervisors, and subordinates regarding on-the-job skills and abilities. It evaluates your working abilities and leadership skills on 38 Business Competencies and 10 Career Stallers and Stoppers, providing insights into strengths, weaknesses, and hidden capabilities. This comprehensive feedback allows you to perceive yourself as others do, aiding in identifying areas for improvement and development, and the completion time depends on the number of competencies requiring feedback.

Is Korn Ferry 360 anonymous?

Yes, the Korn Ferry 360 assessment process involves gathering anonymous feedback from various sources, providing a clear mirror of your competencies, behaviors, and impact.

What is a 360-degree leadership assessment?

360-degree feedback is a development tool that gathers feedback from managers, colleagues, subordinates, and others to help individuals better understand their strengths and weaknesses. It involves a confidential assessment of skills through an online survey, or interviews conducted by experienced coaches. Its benefits are raising self-awareness, stimulating self-improvement, fostering honest development conversations, improving teamwork, and identifying common development needs.


How to pass a Korn Ferry assessment?

Preparation is critical to passing a Korn Ferry assessment, especially cognitive ability tests like the Talent Q Elements & Aspects. Utilize a comprehensive prep course, which includes practice tests, detailed explanations, and score reports. Familiarize yourself with the format of the tests and practice solving questions within the given time limits. Additionally, focus on understanding the concepts and strategies provided in the prep materials to improve your performance and confidence during the assessment.

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