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Public Safety Testing and IO Solutions

IO Solutions (IOS) is a specialist in the field of recruitment screening exams for the public safety sector. Public Safety Testing utilizes IOS pre-employment tests to assess entry-level positions in four specific job categories:

Public Safety Testing Recruitment Tests

Public Safety Testing selection tests are administered in many states throughout the U.S, including Washington, Alaska, and California. This is both a qualifying and ranking exam. Passing the PST is a prerequisite to continuing onto the Physical Abilities test, which is generally taken immediately after achieving a passing score on the PST written exam.

You need a Public Safety Testing result of at least 70% on the written exam, and the results of both the PST and Physical Agility test are considered as part of your eligibility rank.

Law enforcement and firefighter openings are extremely competitive. Many job seekers apply for just a few available positions. Those who land the jobs are usually within the 95–100% level. Employment testing experts recognize the importance of exam preparation in optimizing test results.

Written Aptitude Section of the PST Exam

There are seven competencies assessed in this section of the law enforcement and corrections officer test:

  • Deductive Reasoning – the ability to apply procedures, rules, and crime definitions to specific elements, scenarios, and criminal actions
  • Inductive Reasoning – finding the connecting link or rule present in each element of a set
  • Flexibility of Closure – identifying a given face, object, word or sound hidden through appearance alteration or rearrangement
  • Written Comprehension – reading and comprehending the meaning of written material; analyzing, recalling information, and drawing conclusions based on the information presented in passages
  • Written Expression – the written communication of ideas; vocabulary, spelling, punctuation, grammar and English usage
  • Spatial Orientation – identifying the most direct route from Point A to Point B; locating your position within a given set of streets or rooms; maps, layouts, and diagrams
  • Information Ordering – sequencing actions pursuant to logic, time, or procedures

The PST firefighter test may contain problem solving aptitude questions involving basic math word problems and functions, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, percentages ratios, decimals, fractions, application of formulas that are provided, squares, and square roots. JobTestPrep's Public Safety Testing firefighter study guide presents a clear view of PST firefighter content, along with sample questions for Public Safety Testing exams.

PST Non-Cognitive Section

This section of the PST is comprised of two parts:

  • Behavioral Attributes – Questions feature statements that are followed by a five-point agreement scale: Strongly Agree (1); Agree (2); Not Sure (3); Disagree (4); Strongly Disagree (5). Mark the number that best reflects your attitudes, actions, preferences, and opinions. Be sure to answer all 50 items. The qualities being assessed include teamwork, motivation, dependability, and trustworthiness.
  • Biodata – This section contains items that involve experience, which is predictive of job performance.

Prepare for Your Public Safety Training Exam

If you’re looking for PST exam preparation, then you’ve come to the right place. With the help of our Public Safety Testing practice tests and study guides, you'll feel comfortable when taking the real exam. Our PST preparation packages are also tailor-made to the profession you are applying for.

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