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About JobTestPrep’s International Paper DDI-Style Pack

Our DDI-style preparation materials were created to accurately simulate the format and questions of the assessments used by International Paper during their hiring process. Practicing with our in-depth DDI-style PrepPacks™ will give you the means of confidently passing the International Paper recruitment successfully.
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International Paper Interview Expectations

The initial International Paper interview will usually start with you being asked to introduce yourself, while answering occurring questions. Afterwards, you will delve into the job responsibilities and your compatibility for the position – relevant job experience, courses of action you would take, possible challenges you foresee facing, and how you can contribute to International Paper’s success. Lastly, you might be asked to state your salary expectations and when can you start. If you pass, there might be additional interviews ahead.

What Will the International Paper Know via the DDI Tests?

The company wants to know that they are hiring the right candidate for the position and one who can merge with the company culture. The DDI test provides International Paper with important indicators in relation to your workplace competencies and if you can maintain their rigorous standards. Our DDI-style PrepPacks™ will bring you up to date to help you pass with confidence.

See a sample question from our pack:

DDI Sample Question

Does the International Paper DDI Test Prove My Abilities?

In one word, yes! A hiring manager wants not just to know what you have done in the past, but what abilities and skills you have still maintained. You may have lead your past company efforts in a particular area, but can you replicate that and prove it before they sign you on.

Can You Explain the SJT Scoring Method?

Situational Judgment Tests (SJTs) are different that a standard knowledge test because the answer is in the eyes of the tester. This means there are a variety of ways by which to answer SJT question and to judge the answers. For instance, a test taker can either pick the best or worst options or rate a list options according to their perceived effectiveness on the outcome. Grading the answers could either be based on one individual answer or based on a consensus, meaning that test takers may be judged as a group.

What Questions Are Asked on the International Paper Personality Test?

There are several types of questions asked on the Personality Test. You may be shown pictures of people and asked to predict what emotional reaction they will exhibit in certain circumstances. You may also be required to rank your own attitude toward certain situations or statements on the scale from 1 to 5, saying whether you agree or disagree with them and how strongly.

What Is the STAR Method?

The acronym “STAR” stands for four concepts: Situation, Task, Action, Results. Each of these four concepts signifies a step applicants can take when responding to interviewers’ behavioral and situational questions. Following these steps will enable job candidates to answer these questions fully and clearly.

  • Situation – At this stage, you need to describe a problematic situation which you encountered in your previous workplace and which you had to set right.
  • Task – At this point of your narrative, you need to describe what responsibilities you had in this situation or what tasks you set for yourself to get out of the difficult situation.
  • Action – Here you need to describe what actions you took to resolve the situation and what actions you also contemplated to take but did not, because they seemed to you ineffective. It is important to emphasize here what you did and why you discarded less helpful alternatives.
  • Result – At the final stage of your answer, elaborate on the outcome of your actions. Tell also what you learned from your experience and how your achievement made you feel.
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