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What's Included

2 interview guides; interview video tutorial; interview preparation; 12 figural reasoning tests; 5 math drills; 4 inductive reasoning drills; a full personality test; 2 personality guides; a predictive index; preparation guide; 5 PI-LI tests; PI-LI study guide; 8 spatial reasoning tests; 4 back-to-basics study guides; 1 recognition of assumptions study guide; 2 antonyms tests; 2 averages video tutorials.


At JobTestPrep, we make it our business to help people get employed at IKEA. Knowing that the company requires job candidates for the solution architect position to take the Professional Learning Indicator Test and PI Behavioral Assessment Test, we have created a sophisticated PrepPack™ that can make you succeed in your examination. 

JobTestPrep practice materials include PLI and PI simulation tests that will not only familiarize you with the tests’ formats but will also fine tune your answers to the tests’ most intricate questions. With our resources, you will sharpen your cognitive abilities to analyze and solve problems, which will help you demonstrate to IKEA recruiters that you can be trusted with designing, planning, and governing any kinds of projects. Our practice materials are also useful for building an impressive personality profile that would emphasize your skills that allow you to convert requirements into design, which are indispensable for solution architects

Prepare With JobTestPrep

Prepare with JobTestPrep’s exclusive PrepPack™ for the pre-employment assessment at IKEA and get chosen among other candidates for the most sought-after role in the software development process.

JobTestPrep also supplied PLI and PI test simulations with answer keys and step-by-step study guides so that you can track your progress while you are practicing. You will keep a training log of what you are studying and analyze your mistakes. After you put forth an effort to correct your errors, you will pass your IKEA’s pre-employment assessment with ease and good results. 

To ensure your success not only on tests but also in interviews, JobTestPrep has compiled a list of questions that IKEA’s recruiters pose to candidates for the solution architect position. You can formulate answers to these questions in advance and thus sound knowledgeable and confident in the actual interview. Take an opportunity to prepare for IKEA’s pre-employment assessment with JobTestPrep’s practice materials and shoot ahead of other applicants for your desired position.

IKEA's Interview Questions for the Solution Architect

IKEA’s hiring process has several stages. First, you have a phone interview, during which IKEA’s recruiter will ask you questions about your education, working history, and career goals. Prepare also to discuss technology that you used to select for problems at your previous workplaces. If your PLI and PI tests’ results are good, you will be invited for a face-to-face interview in one of IKEA’s stores. 

In this interview, you will have a conversation with the Human Resources representative and your prospective managers. Together with questions about your general aptitude for a position of solution architect, you will also be asked specific technical questions designed to assess your professional experience. Some of the questions posed in IKEA’s interviews to the prospective solution architect are the following: 


  • Did you ever come across a customer that his on-premise solution was not going to work in the cloud?
  • What  TCP and UDP?
  • How do you architect a design that is fault tolerant?
  • What is a relational database?
  • How do you perform caching?
  • What are some web protocols?
  • Which algorithm does an Elastic Load Balancer use?
  • How do you address cache coherency?
  • What is EBS?
  • How do you diagnose performance issues?
  • How are stopping and terminating an instance different from each other?
  • What tools do you use for communicating architecture? 

Brush up your knowledge of the technical terms listed above. Formulating answers to these questions in advance will make you sound tech-savvy and skilled. Equipped with the right answers, you will easily persuade IKEA’s employers that you can contribute to enterprise architecture collateral in their company.

What is the Solution Architect?

The solution architect organizes the development effort. Employees working as solution architects bear the responsibility for the vision underlying the solution and turning this vision into the solution. To create effective architectures required for the solution, they have to balance numerous development concepts. In the process of converting requirements into architecture, solution architects also do extensive research targeted at testing technologies and approaches that are indispensable to the architecture. 

Another responsibility of solution architects is reviewing patterns that may be useful to the architecture. Doing this allows them to refresh their memory of the details of the pattern and decide what guidance to provide for its further use. Often, the solution architect is expected to motivate and guide development leads and explain to them how different pieces will fit together at a higher level. Solution architects need also know how to make the architecture elegant, because elegance helps maintain cohesion between various parts of the design.   

Solution architects are paid handsomely and they form a key part of the development team that provides significant value to the company. Because the solution architect interacts with members of the development team and the user community, this role is also very visible. Seize an opportunity to get prepared with JobTestPrep’s exclusive practice materials and secure for yourself the position of the solution architect at IKEA.

How to prepare for Ikea's hiring process? 

You can prepare for Ikea’s hiring process by purchasing JobTestPrep’s preparation kit that contains PLI and PI tests closely modeled upon PLI and PI official tests, supplied with answer keys and a detailed study guide. With our practice materials, you can significantly improve your results on IKEA’s pre-employment examination and track your progress while you are studying. Tracking your progress with the help of our answer keys allows you to identify and eliminate your weaknesses before you take the actual exam.

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