IKEA Manager Test Practice

What You'll Get

  • Interview preparation
  • 12 figural reasoning tests
  • 5 math drills
  • 4 inductive reasoning drills
  • a full personality test
  • 2 personality guides
  • a predictive index: preparation guide; 5 PI-LI tests; PI-LI study guide
  • 8 spatial reasoning tests
  • 4 back-to-basics study guides
  • 1 recognition of assumptions study guide
  • 2 antonyms tests
  • 2 averages video tutorials.


JobTestPrep has created exclusive practice materials that prove useful to job applicants applying for managerial roles at IKEA. Employers of IKEA pursue excellence and high performance in all areas of its business and hire only competent managers whom they carefully select with the help of PLI and PI tests.


Prepare With JobTestPrep

Don't miss your chance of becoming a manager at IKEA by coming to your pre-employment assessment unprepared. We offer resources that will make you stand out both on your test and interview. Prepare with our exclusive PrepPack™ and start building a viable and rewarding career as a manager at IKEA.



Responding to applicants’ need to pass the pre-employment assessment with good results, JobTestPrep has closely modeled its PLI and PI tests on IKEA’s tests. To facilitate candidates’ preparation even further, JobTestPrep has added to the answer keys and detailed study guides. 

With our PLI test simulations, you will sharpen your cognitive abilities and will show to IKEA’s employers that you can make strategic decisions and take responsibility for the work of others. Our PI Cognitive assessment will help you maximize your test score and build an impressive personality profile that highlights the qualities needed to be a competent manager. 

To ensure your success not only on exams but also in interviews, we have compiled a list of questions posed by IKEA’s recruiters. Prepare your answers in advance and appear confident in the actual interview. Do not hurt your chances of realizing your ambition to work at IKEA. Practice with our exclusive PrepPack™ and embark on an exciting career as an IKEA manager.

IKEA's Interview Questions for Managerial Positions 

You will have several interviews during your application process for a position of a manager at IKEA. Your first telephone interview will revolve around your professional traits that make you suitable for a managerial position, your work history, and the managerial strategies you have previously employed.

Another interview will be conducted in one of the company’s locations. Note that you will only be invited to it if you succeed on your PLI and PI tests. In this interview, you will meet a Human Resources representative and several of upper managers who will want to estimate your leadership skills. Prepare to talk about your former strategic decisions and ability to take responsibility for the work of others. Interviewers will also ask you how you inspire high performance in co-workers, train team members, and enable their success and productivity.  Some of the questions posed by IKEA’s recruiters to potential managers are listed below: 

  • What strategies do you use to motivate a team?
  • Describe a time when you led by example.
  • Describe your approach to making decisions and solving problems. Why do you do it this way?
  • Provide an example of a time when you successfully organized a diverse group of people to accomplish a task.
  • How do you develop trust and loyalty in your employees?
  • What has been the biggest success so far in your career?
  • When you evaluate someone’s performance verbally, what approach do you take?
  • How do you evaluate success?
  • What can you contribute to IKEA?
  • How do you use power or authority to achieve your goals?

Think about the questions listed above and formulate clear, smart answers to them before you enter the interview room. Coming to IKEA interview equipped with the right answers will boost your confidence and allow you to showcase your managerial skills better. It will also help you if you research about IKEA and understand how its business is run. Knowing details about the structure of the company’s business and its business strategies will create an impression that you can integrate yourself into the group of managers easily and successfully. 

Managerial Positions’ Description

IKEA is willing to endow its employees with authority and power, opening many managerial positions in its stores and offices. Its employees exercise leadership across all departments. If you aspire to be a manager at IKEA, you can apply for the following roles:

  • Distribution service managers organize the storage and distribution of furniture and appliances. In this role, you will ensure that the right piece of furniture or decoration is delivered to the right location and on time. You may also supervise transportation, take stock control, and monitor the general flow of items. Distribution service managers also coordinate the whole supply chain, mediating between suppliers of wood, manufacturers, retailers, and customers.
  • Operational support managers provide customers and other employees of IKEA with technical support. As an operation support manager, you will be responsible for managing daily technical operations for the company by collecting and analyzing metrics, and assessing efficiency and proficiency of the entire Support Department. You will give directions to the support team and resolve escalated operational problems.
  • Store Managers are in charge of overseeing employees and operations at IKEA. As IKEA’s store manager, you will manage and schedule staff and associates. You will train and supervise newly hired employees, interview job candidates, and extend job offers. You will make certain that sales are reconciled, transactions are closed, and deposits are arranged. You will also be responsible for ensuring that all operations in IKEA are carried out according to required procedures and standards.

Although these managerial positions include different responsibilities, all of them require job candidates to take either PLI or PI tests. Prepare for your pre-employment tests with our comprehensive practice resources and make your plans to be a manager at IKEA come to fruition. 

How many questions does the PI Behavioral Assessment contain?

There are no standard questions on the PI Behavioral Assessment test. Instead, you will be presented with an extensive list of different adjectives. You will need to choose appropriate adjectives twice: first, you select adjectives that describe you as you see yourself; second, you choose adjectives that you think describe you as seen through the eyes of others. Note that the PI test focuses solely on your professional and management traits; it does not try to evaluate your personality and attitudes.

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