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What's Included

2 interview guides; Interview video tutorials; Interview preparation; 9 figural reasoning tests; 5 math drills; 4 inductive reasoning drills; 5 PI-LI practice tests; PI-LI study guide; 8 spatial reasoning tests; 4 back-to-basics study guides; 1 recognition of assumptions study guide; 2 antonyms tests; 2 average video tutorials.


JobTestPrep specializes in helping job applicants get hired. Responding to candidates’ need to pass the Professional Learning Indicator and PI Behavioral Assessment tests required as a part of IKEA’s pre-employment assessment, it has compiled exclusive practice materials. 

Our PrepPack™ includes simulations of the PLI and PI tests that closely approximate the official aptitude and personality tests so that you can familiarize yourself with the tests’ format and refine your answers. Designed to improve your cognitive abilities to analyze and solve problems, our preparation resources will help you demonstrate to IKEA's employers that you will make correct forecasts of expected demands for products in their business.


Prepare With JobTestPrep

Practice for your IKEA’s pre-employment assessment with JobTestPrep’s exclusive PrepPack™, excel on the PLI and PI tests, demonstrate your knowledge of manufacturing and finance, and become the recruiters’ first choice for the position of the Demand Planner



JobTestPrep can also assist you with creating an impressive personality profile. Prepared by us, you will show not only your professional skills but also behavioral tendencies that will play to your strengths as a Demand Planner. 

To help you create a good self-image not only on the PLI and PI tests but also in interviews, we have compiled a list of the interview questions actually posed to candidates vying for the position of the Demand Planner at IKEA. Go over these questions and prepare for your pre-employment assessment with our practice materials, answer keys, and study guides, and prove to IKEA’s employers that you have all required qualities to play an integral role in the supply chain within the company. 

IKEA’s Interview Questions for the Demand Planner Position

You will have several interviews during the hiring process at IKEA. One is the phone interview conducted by the company’s Human Resources representative. In this interview, you will be asked to elaborate on your work experience and professional strengths recommending you for the position of the Demand Planner. You may also need to describe a situation in the past in which you coordinated distributing goods. 

The next stage of your pre-employment assessment is online testing. You will move on to the second face-to-face interview, only if you succeed in your PLI and PI tests. When you talk to your prospective managers in one of IKEA’s locations, you will need to answer not only questions about your general professional background but also specific technical questions designed to evaluate your mastery of the field. Prepare to talk about specific tools and processes that you employed to model accurate projections. Have a look at some questions posed by IKEA’s recruiters to applicants for the Demand Planner position: 

  • Tell me about an experience in which you analyzed information and evaluated results to choose the best solution to a problem.
  • What is Demand Planning?
  • On a scale of 1 to 5, how would you rate your Excel skills?
  • What is the key to a successful budget?
  • Why do you want this Demand Planner job? 
  • What KPIs have you used?
  • Do you have experience with SAP?
  • Have you developed Scorecards?
  • How did your previous employer structure the Supply Chain?
  • What is the most challenging part of budgeting for you?
  • Provide an example of a time when you analyzed market and delivery systems and successfully assessed material availability.
  • Tell me about your last experience administering online purchasing systems. 

You should craft answers to these questions before interviewing if you want to create a favorable impression. It is also advisable to research IKEA, its department divisions, and its commercial strategies so that in your interview you sound confident and ready to take on the responsibilities of a Demand Planner.  

IKEA's Assessment Tests for the Demand Planner's Position 

Interested in hiring only highly professional and experienced people for the Demand Planner's role, IKEA's managers ask job candidates to take two tests—the Professional Learning Indicator (PLI) and the Predictive Index, before making a decision to invite them to the face-to-face interview. These tests help IKEA's recruiters determine how much expertise and constructive energy applicants will bring to the company. 

What is the Demand Planner?

The Demand Planner is a person who does revenue forecasting, alignment of inventory level based on seasonal demands, material planning, and forecasting. Forecasting involves knowing how many products and product lines within the business are on demand. To develop accurate and reliable forecasting, Demand Planners use an operational supply chain management. They also usually work with various departments to monitor their inventory and ensure the efficiency of supply-chain initiatives. They have deep understanding of finance, manufacturing, logistic, and sales.

Demand Planners have a background in applied mathematics or economics, and should know statistics and mathematics exceptionally well. Yet being good at calculating and using a variety of software and computer applications— SAP, ECC, SAS, and APO—are not enough for excelling as a Demand Planner. Strong leadership abilities are also necessary, because Demand Planners need to influence people and lead by collaboration the whole sales and operations planning effort.  Salaries of Demand Planners at IKEA from $61,629 to $70, 628 per year. 

How can I prepare for IKEA's hiring process? 

You can prepare for IKEA’s hiring process by purchasing JobTestPrep’s preparation practice materials that contain PLI and PI tests closely modeled upon PLI and PI official tests, supplied with answer keys and detailed study guide. With our resources, you can significantly improve your results on IKEA’s pre-employment examination and track your progress while you are studying. Tracking your progress with the help of our answer keys allows you to identify and eliminate your weaknesses before you take the actual exam. 

How quickly can I move up within the company’s career hierarchy, if I start with the position of the Demand Planner?

Most Demand Planners move on to other positions in the company after having worked 20 years in the field. Pay for the job of the Demand Planner rises steadily as you gain more experience. It, however, goes down for Demand Planners who have worked more than 20 years in the company.

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