How to Beat iCims Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

iCims Information

iCims, also known as Internet Collaborative Information Management Systems, was founded in 2000. As of 2015, it has acquired over 500 employees and now serves over 3,200 customers worldwide (in 70 different countries).

iCims is a popular applicant tracking system (ATS) that is known for being "tech savvy" as it allows candidates to apply for jobs using their social media profiles. The company also specializes in branding, allowing companies and organizations to customize email communications to be consistent with their brand identity. iCims provides mobile career portals that are compatible with a range of devices. This allows for easier upload and access for candidates, thus potentially speeding up the hiring process.

However, it's important to note that candidates should be aware of the job boards, job recruiting sites (,,, and postings via social media they see online, as these systems can automatically send their resumes and CVs to the iCims system. There, they will be processed, scanned, and reviewed for keywords and compatibility. Therefore, if candidates send out "general resumes" (versus job and keyword-specific resumes), the ATS will not pick up keywords or phrases, and an applicant's chances of being registered as "compatible" or "a match" will drastically decrease. Worse, the applicant may even be flagged for rejection.

Who Uses iCims?

With over one million users and super convenient features, it's no surprise that iCims is becoming increasingly popular among employers and candidates. Below are just some of the companies and organizations that utilize iCims.

Boys & Girls Clubs SiriusXM Teva L.L.Bean NewBalance
Blue Cross Blue Shield Enterprise Jamba Juice Esurance Discovery Communications

iCims Partnerships

iCims has over 50 partnerships with a variety of companies and organizations, but some of the most well-known and most beneficial partnerships have been with the following companies:

Ernst and Young

Ernst and Young has integrated its various pre-hire assessments and exams into the iCims system. Some of the most popular Ernst and Young assessments include numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, diagrammic/logical reasoning, situational judgement, and e-tray exercises. 


ADP provides compliance services for iCims. It offers software and support for payroll, HR management, benefit administration, and time tracking. It also has 2–3 products for its four distinct sectors: small, medium, large-sized businesses, and multinational businesses. Professions likely to encounter the ADP feature are accountants, bookkeepers, and HR managers.

The Muse

The Muse, used by large companies like Uber, TED, HBO, and Facebook, provides iCims and companies with employer branding. This feature allows companies to post job availabilities via social media channels while also promoting the brand/company through employee testimonials and videos. For candidates, this means that if you apply for a job via Twitter or Facebook, it's more than likely going to be reviewed by an ATS before it gets to the actual employer. Therefore, it's important to know as much information about the specific position and company before sending out a "general resume."

Other iCims Partners

Assess Systems TalentQ Criterion HireVue
Profiles International Wonderlic E-Skills Skill Survey
Select International TalentPlus Kenexa WePow
Criteria CCAT      


When Is an ATS Used in the Hiring Process?

Typically, an ATS is implemented within the first stages of the hiring process via resumes, CVs, video interviews, questionnaires, and applications. This way employers can weed out the unsuitable candidates and focus on those who are qualified.

Additionally, an ATS can be used to post job openings on websites or job boards and compose interview requests to potential candidates by email. Other features include automated resume ranking, customized forms, pre-screening questions/assessments, and response tracking. 

As more companies begin to utilize applicant tracking systems, the more likely it is you will encounter them as well. Therefore, it's important to understand what the ATS is really looking for, how to manipulate the system in your favor, and how to beat an ATS while still presenting yourself in a professional and honest way.

Typically, after an applicant encounters and passes through an ATS, he or she will undertake assessment tests, exams, or interviews. The assessments, which can include aptitude tests, cognitive ability tests, personality tests, and skills tests, cover a range of topics that vary in difficulty. Additionally, candidates may face multiple interviews in a variety of formats: in-person, video, or telephone. Therefore, it's highly advised that candidates prepare for each element of the hiring process.

Get more tips and general information about applicant tracking systems and how to beat them on our ATS homepage.

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