Edison Individual Contributor Workstyles - Free Practice (2024)


What Is the Edison Individual Contributor Workstyles Assessment?

The Edison Individual Contributor Workstyles Assessment is a pre-employment personality test that is required to take for most Southern California Edison jobs. 

The test includes 100 questions which you'll have to finish in 25 minutes. That means you'll have 15 seconds per question on average.

In each question, a statement will be presented, and you'll be asked to determine if you "Strongly Agree" or "Slightly Agree" ​with it.

This specific test is tricky - those types of tests are called Forced-Choice Personality Tests,  a format for question responses requiring respondents to provide an answer, forcing you to make judgments about each response option, even though it will make you "look bad" sometimes.

Here's a sample question so you can see what it is all about:

Read the statement below and choose if you Strongly Agree with it, or just Slightly Agree:

I believe taking something from someone without his/her permission is okay

A. Strongly Agree
B. Slightly Agree 
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

The correct answer is 2. This is a difficult and tricky question because the best option would be "Disagree," but there's no such option. The answer 2 is the best of 2 bad options. This is, obviously, a very apparent answer. However, as the test progresses, you will find yourself in front of many “grey” scenarios, in which the best response will depend not only on your position but on your past responses as well.

Personality Tests - All the Things You Must Know

Personality tests, like the Edison Battery A test, are used by companies to evaluate candidates' fit to the company's core values and the specific position's requirements. 

According to the official information from SCE's site, the core values the Edison Battery A Test is looking for are safety, integrity, excellence, respect, continuous improvement, and teamwork.

Learn more about personality assessments, how and why you should prepare for them from the following video:

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For more tips and in-depth information about pre-employment personality tests, check out our dedicated page! 

Edison Individual Contributor Workstyles Assessment Free Practice Test

Read the statement below and choose if you Strongly Agree with it, or just Slightly Agree:

I believe a good manager knows how to manage his time and tasks. 

Strongly Agree / Slightly Agree

Read the statement below and choose if you Strongly Agree with it, or just Slightly Agree:

I'm a risk-taker since I know myself, and I believe that a unique value I bring with me to my workplace.

Strongly Agree / Slightly Agree

Read the statements below and choose for each one of them if you Strongly Agree with it, or just Slightly Agree:

I believe demanding someone to do something he/she does not want is okay.

Strongly Agree / Slightly Agree

How to Answer These Questions on the Individual Contributor Test?

The truth is that except for rare instances, there is no single correct answer for ANY particular question - the answers on the Edison Individual Contributor Workstyle Assessment have a meaning only as a part of a full personality profile and not as standalone responses.

In addition, that profile strongly depends on the actual position you are after - the ideal profile for a 911 dispatcher is different from that of an accountant.

As such, it is crucial to prepare for the assessment, so the combination of all your answers best matches the specific requirements of the position.




“There are no right or wrong answers on the personality test”- Right or Wrong?

The advice that states that “there are no right or wrong answers on the personality test” is misleading and can cause test-takers to fail. An example of this can be found when answering the question: “Do you like working with people?" - If you are applying for a service position and you respond with a negative answer, you may not be considered for the job since this answer shows employers that you aren’t the right fit.

Is Being Consistent Important on Personality Tests?

Being consistent is very important when taking a personality assessment test. On personality tests, you may be asked similar questions that are worded differently. If you answer these similar questions differently, it will be reflected in your results. For instance, it could appear to assessors as if you did not answer both questions completely honestly, which may result in you not getting the job. However, being consistent is not something you need to focus on, as it is not measured. It is a problem only if you significantly contradict yourself; for example, answering "agree" to "I'm never late" and "I have a tendency to be late to some meeting." At times during the test, you may encounter similar statements but not agree or disagree with all of them; in this case, it is fine to answer differently. For example, answering "agree" to both "I prefer working with people rather than working alone" and "Sometimes, I need some alone time."

Can You Fake Your Answers on a Personality Test?

Although you cannot study for a personality test, you can pass by preparing yourself beforehand, developing optimized answers. Get tips on how to take the personality test.

Do Personality Tests Reflect the True Me?

When taking a personality test, your results may not always reflect your true self. You must keep in mind that a job personality test shows your work persona. The test is not about seeing personas that are revealed in family life or other contexts.




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