Cubiks Logiks Numerical Test Practice

The Cubiks Logiks numerical reasoning test is one of the most prominent numerical reasoning test in the industry. Companies often employ this assessment to ensure their candidate’s numerical abilities are sufficient. JobTestPrep offers you Cubiks–style numerical test questions and answers to help you prepare for your online numerical reasoning test. Read on for more tips and tools to excel at your Cubiks numerical test.

Number of Questions and Question Types in Cubiks Numerical Reasoning Test

In the Cubiks numerical reasoning test, you answer twenty questions. The questions are related to charts, tables, and graphs. You are required to perform basic mathematical calculations including ratios, percentages, and fractions based on the presented information in the diagrams. 

JobTestPrep offers a customized preparation pack to maximize your chances of excelling on your Cubiks numerical test.

What Is the Time Limit for Logiks Numerical Reasoning Test?

You will have twenty-five minutes to solve all the exercises. For an efficient use of time, you should always solve the exercises you feel confident about first and then return to the more challenging ones. Familiarize yourself with the questions styles and types to ensure you can finish the test on time with ease.

Tips for Getting the Right Cubiks Numerical Test Answers

The Cubiks numerical test is designed to determine how well you process numerical data. It is important you prepare thoroughly by getting acquainted with the question types to avoid unexpected questions. Practicing not only prepares you for solving the questions but also enables you to perform the calculations within the given time frame. 

JobTestPrep has compiled a Logiks-like numerical reasoning preparation package to provide you with the specific tools you need to pass your assessment.  

Get Cubiks-Style Preparation Tests

JobTestPrep offers an advanced Cubiks-style Logiks numerical reasoning preparation pack.

The package provides you with a total of thirteen tests simulating the original assessment test. This allows you to see different formats and also to have sufficient practice. In addition, you also receive ten videos and six study guides to underscore your preparation process. These materials incorporate tools, tips, and theoretical information to help you grasp the structure of the tests. More than two-hundred questions are at your service to help you achieve your best performance.

Prepare with JobTestPrep

Our Cubiks-style numerical practice test provides an in-depth understanding of the mechanics of the test itself - the theory, potential setbacks, and advice for succeeding. We offer competent preparation to aid you to reach your maximum potential on the assessment. The materials provide you with the knowledge of which types of questions and calculations to expect and how to approach them. Start preparing for success now.

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