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Pennsylvania Clerical Civil Service Exams

Clerical work is one of the most popular occupational categories in the United States. So, it’s no wonder that clerks serve an important role in helping run the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Clerical Work

Prepare for your exam and view TestPrerp-Online’s Clerical Civil Service Exam solutions below. Scroll to view the posting title and related jobs in each category and follow the links to view JobTestPrep’s Pennsylvania Clerical practice solutions.

  • Clerk Typist Positions (State and Local Government)
    Related Job Titles: Clerk Typist 1 (State Government), Clerk Typist 2 (State Government), Clerk Typist 1 (Local Government), Clerk Typist 2 (Local Government)
  • Entry Level Clerical Positions (Local Government)
    Related Job Titles: Clerk 1, Clerk 2
  • Advanced Clerical & Secretarial Positions (State & Local Government)
    Related Job Titles: Clerk 3, Clerk Typist 3, Executive Secretary 1, Secretarial Supervisor 1, Secretarial Supervisor 2, Clerical Supervisor 1, Clerical Supervisor 2
  • Liquor Store Clerk
    Related Job Titles: Liquor Store Clerk
  • Records Specialists and Supervisors
    Related Job Titles: Records Specialist 1, Records Specialist 2, Corrections Records Specialist, Corrections Records Supervisor, Records Supervisor

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