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About Tennessee Civil Service

The State government is the largest employer in Tennessee, with approximately 43,500 employees in the three branches of government. The State of Tennessee has approximately 1,300 different job classifications.

The Department of Human Resources provides recruitment assistance to more than 40 departments, boards and commissions within state government. The Department acts as the central source for employment applications by posting vacancies and sourcing applicants for preferred service positions.

Exams for Tennesse State Jobs

Although Tennessee preferred service does not always use the TN civil service exam as a way to assess prospective employees, certain Tennessee civil service job classifications still require a written exam. Tennessee state employment positions that require a test are those in law enforcement and firefighting these require the successful taking and passing of the Police Civil Service Exam or the Firefighter Civil Service Exam. Another exam can be the Free Civil Service Exam.

If a job does require a Tennessee Civil Service Exam, this information is posted on the job announcement or vacancy, which can be found on the Tennessee Department of Human Resources website. The tests for government jobs differ according to the profession one is being tested for, as the exam measures whether candidates have the skills, knowledge, and abilities necessary to succeed on the job.

Exams for Local Tennessee Government Jobs

The local governments and municipalities found within the state of Tennessee still primarily employ candidates and applicants based on the results of the Civil Service Exam of Tennessee. For example, Knoxville and Nashville government jobs in civil service require candidates to successfully pass these exams in order to be considered for hire. Upcoming examination dates, job opportunities, and minimum qualifications for applying to certain positions can be found on the respective government websites.

Prepare with JobTestPrep

Why do you need to practice and prepare for your exam? This is your future career at stake- only the most successful will have their names added to the state’s eligible list and be contacted by the hiring agency to continue in the employment process. Sharpen your skills, refine your knowledge, and ensure yourself the confidence you need with JobTestPrep’s Civil Service Tennessee civil service practice tests.

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