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Start Preparing for the AmeriLife Employment Process

AmeriLife is a national leader in evolving, marketing and distributing health and life insurance resolutions to safeguard the health and retirement needs of customers. With a national distribution network of over 100,000 insurance agents, the AmeriLife recruitment process aims to hire high-quality employees to provide its’ consumers with superior service.

An outline of the AmeriLife hiring process is listed below:

  • Application: The AmeriLife application process may be completed by filling out an online application form and submitting a resume along with a cover letter. Applicants may also apply through an employee referral or a recruiter.
  • Telephone Interview: An initial screening phone conversation may occur for an HR representative to assess candidates’ background and skills required to continue the AmeriLife employment process.
  • In-Person Interview: The face-to-face interview process may include several stages, some of which may be performed with one or two interviewers or with a panel of employers.
  • Tests: Employers may distribute both online and onsite entrance exams to assess candidates’ compatibility for the jobs being applied for. These tests evaluate cognitive abilities, character traits, and behavioral attributes.

AmeriLife Aptitude Tests

Psychometric exams include various aptitude tests which are normally administered together with a phone and in-person interview to fully assess candidates on every level and achieve a reliable assessment. Aptitude tests are used to measure applicants’ cognitive abilities, ranging from the mathematical, abstract, and verbal reasoning exams. These tests take into account test-takers’ mathematical knowledge, decision-making strategies, verbal and written comprehension, and logical analysis capabilities. Assessment tests which weigh personality traits and attributes based on responses to past experiences and behavioral tendencies needed in the workplace are the situational judgment test (SJT) and the personality exam. Microsoft office exams may be given in order to determine whether candidates possess the technical information and skills when working with this important office tool.

Begin practicing with our aptitude tests now.

AmeriLife Questions and Answers

Although JobTestPrep provides applicants with the necessary test preparation, candidates may still have questions regarding the exam stage. To clarify and explain this process, we’ve answered some inquiries below:

  • How is the aptitude test scored?
  • The aptitude tests use a comparative scoring method and evaluate candidates’ scores based on the average of responses from other job applicants. Even if an applicant has a high score, this may not be good enough compared to the high level of competition which comes with contending with other qualified applicants. For this reason, practicing for these aptitude tests beforehand is essential.
  • What questions does the mathematical test include?
  • The mathematical test includes a variety of diverse sections which evaluate separate mathematical data analysis skills. A calculation test measures how efficiently one can add, subtract, divide, and multiply with full numbers as well as fractions and percentages. Another type of mathematical test will be presented by a list of equations with one of the numbers being replaced by a question mark. Additionally, a multiple-choice exam will present statistical graphs listing facts and figures listing various possible answers.
  • How should I prepare for my AmeriLife interview?
  • Preparing for the different interview types means becoming familiar with the methods used for each interview and practicing with sample questions. Acquiring information about the position requirements and company background prior to your interview will help you answer questions with confidence.

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