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What's Included

  • 1 Full-length USPS Virtual Entry Assessment-style Personality test 
  • 1 Full-length USPS Virtual Entry Assessment-style SJT practice test 
  • 14 SJT drills 
  • Personality drills 
  • 2 Personality test study guides 
  • 1 Situational Judgement (SJT) study guide 
  • Money back guarantee 


USPS Exam 474 (formerly 473/473e) contains three sections which follow a brief introduction. These sections includeWork Scenarios, Tell Us Your Story, and Describe Your Approach. The test takes approximately 45 minutes to complete. You must receive a minimum score of 70 to pass.  

If your application and resume for the mail carrier position you’ve applied for is selected, you will receive an email inviting you to take Postal Exam 474. You will have 72 hours from the time you receive the email to complete and submit your test. This test is administered online and can be completed using a computer, smartphone, or tablet.  

Practicing for this assessment is essential since, according to the US Postal Service,80-90% of candidates usually fail. Our PrepPack™ includes timed tests and study guides to help you prepare and our practice tests include detailed answer explanations. A high score not only ensures that you pass the test, but also gives you a better shot of gaining employment over other candidates. 

The Benefits of Being Ready For Postal 474

US Postal Service exams are opened to the public to meet local staffing needs. Entry-level tests examine general aptitudes and characteristics, not knowledge of facts. Postal Exam 474 provides a screening process on job-related criteria that allows applicants to compete for available positions. The roles covered by exam 474 include those for City Carrier, City Carrier Assistant, Casual City Carrier, Rural Carrier, Rural Carrier Associate, and Assistant Rural Carrier. 

By preparing with our practice tests, you will become more familiar with the questions, increase your focus and minimize stress during the exam. Simulating the exam also increases your speed and accuracy, which can help you rank higher among other candidates and improves your chances of getting the job. 

We provide Postal exam 474 practice tests for the two main sections of this testWork Scenarios and Describe your Approach. 
The preparation materials we offer for each of these sections are detailed in the table below: 

Test Section 

What We Offer 

Describe your Approach: 

  • 1 USPS-style Personality Test 
  • 9 Personality Test Drills
  • 2 Personality Test Study Guides

Work Scenarios:

  • 1 USPS-style SJT Practice Test
  • 14 SJT Drills 
  • 1 SJT Study Guide  

Why You Need a PrepPack™ for the Postal 474 Exam 

You can, and should, prepare for the test before taking it. Our PrepPack™ includes timed tests and study guides to help you prepare. Our practice tests include detailed answer explanations. Candidates who score higher than 70 will be shortlisted to continue through the rest of the recruitment process. By practicing, you improve your chances of achieving a higher score.  

What Do You Get with Your Postal 474 Exam PrepPack™? 

Our PrepPack™ provides you full access to the most comprehensive practice resources for the different parts of the test. We offer 2 full practice tests and drills for both main sections found on exam 474ThisPrepPack™ also includes a study guide to help you master situational judgement test (SJT) questions. 

Postal 474 Exam Sample Questions 

Try out ourfree Postal Exam 474 sample questions to get a glimpse of how JobTestPrep's PrepPack™ will prepare you for your exam. 


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