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Shell's Types of Tests

Shell has two main aptitude tests that you may be asked to take during your application process. The two main Shell assessment tests are the Shell Internship/Graduate Assessment Test and the Shell Operator Test.

Shell Internship Test

In order to be accepted to the Shell internship program candidates are required to pass an aptitude test to see if they have the skills and personality traits suitable for the internship program. You have seven days to respond to Shell and take the assessment tests. The tests are administered by Cubiks . Shell's internship exam is comprised of two parts:

  1. Shell personality test: this part assesses your personality traits and competencies to see how well you fit with the company profile. The section is supposed to take around 20 minutes and is 18 questions long. In order to do well it is advised to remember the Shell CAR criteria: Capacity, Achievement, and Relationship. Click here to learn more about personality tests.
  2. Decision Making & Problem Solving: The second part is divided into two sections, decision making and problem solving. The decision making part is a situational judgment test, meant to capture how well you react to different scenarios you might encounter during your internship. It is also know as the Shell Problem Solving Test. The problem solving part is a math test. It measures your proficiency at specific math skills required by Shell and is also known as the Shell Numerical Test. The decision making part is not timed but should take around 30 minutes. The Problem Solving has a time limit of 18 minutes.

Shell Operator Test

The official name for the Shell process operator test is the Shell Industrial Aptitude Battery Exam . This exam is for applicants searching for a career at Shell in the operations and maintenance department. SHL administers the test. The Shell battery test consists of three sections:

  1. Use of Industrial Information Test: You will be tested on your understanding data represented in different formats such as graphs, charts and tables. You will also be tested on your ability to extract data from a written text.
  2. Mechanical Aptitude Assessment: A basic mechanical aptitude exam, requiring you to implement basic knowledge in understanding of mechanical complexes to answer questions.
  3. Workplace Attitude and Behavior Inventory: A personality test meant to gauge if your personality complies with the needs of Shell for their operators and maintenance crew.

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About Shell

Shell is one of the largest energy producing companies, operating in over 35 countries. Shell Oil Company, the American subsidiary of Royal Dutch Shell, has over 22,000 employees and is based in Houston, Texas. You can either find work in the gas extraction facilities or one of their thousands of gas stations.

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