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What is the RCMP Entrance Exam?

The RCMP aptitude test is an important part of the application procedure. Passing this pre-employment exam will place you on an “Eligible” list, moving you forward along the selection process. Your ranking on that list is wholly dependent upon your score: The better the score, the higher the rank. By contrast, in the event that the RPAB is not passed, the hiring process ends.

Research has proven a substantial correlation between aptitude tests and job performance regardless of the field. The RCMP strongly recommends that every applicant take the time and make the effort to prepare for this entrance exam by working through an RCMP practice test.

The RCMP test consists of two parts:

1. Six Factor Personality Questionnaire (SFPQ):

  • You will be given 108 statements requiring an Agree or Disagree response.
  • The time limit for this portion of the RPAB is 45 minutes.
  • The usual test completion time is 30 minutes.
  • ‘Conscientious’ is the most essential character trait in the SFPQ.
  • Exam statements will, therefore, concern behaviors that reflect honesty, integrity and commitment.

Tip: It is wise to adapt your answers to the job you are applying for during a personality test. The Personality Tests Guide found in this pack includes everything you need to know about how personality tests work and how you should go about answering each question.

2. RCMP Police Aptitude Test (RPAT)

This part is comprised of six testing areas in the electronic format, and a seventh skill in the Paper & Pencil format.

  • English Composition – You will be shown a written paragraph, and then must answer questions regarding spelling, grammar and vocabulary.
  • English Comprehension – You will find a scenario preceding a question and group of statements designed to test your ability to read and accurately understand the material.
  • Judgment – This test area is meant to evaluate your capacity for making sound decisions leading to reasonable actions. After reading a short scenario, pick the response that is most likely to solve the problem found in the scenario.
  • Observation – Measuring your attention to detail, the task is to find the match to a mug shot.
  • Logic – An ability to identify problems within situations constitutes the assessment in this particular testing area. The exam evaluates the capacity to apply general rules in reaching reasonable answers.
  • Computation – Basic arithmetic skills are being tested.
  • Memory (exclusively in the Paper & Pencil version) – This area tests the ability to memorize text and pictorial material.


RCMP English Comprehension sample question

Read the following paragraph, and answer the question below.


Europe has long benefited from a dense railway network and is the world leader in the supply of railway systems. Employing 1 million people in rail operations and another 250,000 in manufacturing, the European railway sector has a 60% share of the world market and an annual turnover of €95 billion.

Rail transport offers a viable and competitive means of shifting more cargo traffic away from the continent’s crowded roads, thus improving traffic circulation and cutting vehicle-emitted pollution. The EU places particular emphasis on stimulating new investment in trans-European transport infrastructure such as rail, and supports research efforts to create new methods of interoperability, higher safety standards and the reduction of rail-related noise levels.

One of the main advances in the EU's railway system is the recently launched MODTRAIN project. The project brings together, for the first time, all the main European rail system manufacturers, sub-system suppliers and rail operators. Working towards interoperability of national rolling-stock systems, MODTRAIN offers a radical approach to rolling-stock construction. Its goal of reducing the number of single components in a railway carriage from 1,200 to 120 parts and cutting construction time by more than 50% should give a huge boost to the sector’s competitiveness.

QUESTION: Which ONE of the following does the passage suggest about railway transport?

It has a turnover rate of 95€ billion
It reduces air pollution
It has high safety standards
It is a good economic investment
It employs 1.25 million people worldwide
The EU is not satisfied with it
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

The answer is: It reduces air pollution.

The question deals with railroad transport in general, as opposed to Europe's railway. It is based on the following section in the passage: ‘Rail transport offers a viable and competitive means of shifting more cargo traffic away from the continent’s crowded roads, thus improving traffic circulation and cutting vehicle-emitted pollution’. Now that we understand the question and have identified the corresponding section in the passage, let us eliminate distractors:

Statement A follows from the passage but addresses only the European railroad system.
Statement B follows from the passage and addresses rail transport in general.
Statement C does not follow from the passage; the passage says that the EU supports research to ensure high safety standards.
Statement D does not follow from the passage as it is not mentioned in the text.
Statement E follows from the passage but addresses only the European railroad system.
According to the passage, the EU is supporting new research and launching new projects to advance the European railroad system. It does not mean that the EU is not satisfied (statement F).

The only statement that follows from the passage and concerns the railroad system in general is: statement B.


RPAB Entrance Exam Format

When appearing for the RPAB you will encounter either a computer-generated online format or a Paper & Pencil format. There is a significant difference between the two versions.


Electronic RCMP Police Aptitude Test (e-RPAT)

The online version is administered at the Public Service Commission’s Online Testing Facility. It is a semi-adaptive exam: Question difficulty and point value change according to your performance. The level of advancement at every stage of the exam will depend upon the answers given at the previous stage. This allows for a more accurate assessment of the applicant’s ability and results in fewer questions for a shorter test.

If your test is administered electronically, you will find 50 multiple-choice questions spanning five stages, 10 questions per stage. The timeframe for each stage is 15 minutes, totalling 75 minutes for the entire aptitude portion of the exam.

Paper & Pencil RCMP Police Aptitude Test (e-RPAT)

When taking a Paper & Pencil RPAB, expect 114 multiple-choice questions and a timeframe of four hours. Bring a watch as an aide to managing your testing time. This test is not semi-adaptive: The question level will not change within the exam.

Keep in mind that there is no penalty for wrong answers in either format. Therefore, it is best to answer all questions; guess if necessary.

The SFPQ is standard in both formats: Electronic and Paper & Pencil. It is absolutely essential to answer every question in the SFPQ.

Prepare for the RCMP Exam

Follow the advice of the RCMP: Prepare by practicing using practice tests. JobTestPrep makes RCMP prep easy and effective: affordable and thorough in its pre-employment test preparation, the PrepPack lets you become familiar with the RPAB format and question types, leading to a more successful and relaxed test experience.

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