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What is the RCMP Assessment?

The RCMP aptitude test is an important part of the application procedure. Passing this pre-employment exam will place you on an “Eligible” list, moving you forward along the selection process to become an RCMP Officer. Your ranking on that list is wholly dependent upon your score: The better the score, the higher the rank. By contrast, in the event that the RPAB is not passed, the hiring process ends.

The assessment's time duration is 55-70 minutes. some of the portions are timed, and candidates are advised to finish the exam in one sitting.

Research has proven a substantial correlation between aptitude tests and job performance regardless of the field. The RCMP strongly recommends that every applicant take the time and make the effort to prepare for this entrance exam by working through an RCMP practice test.

The RCMP test consists of six sections:

1. Workstyle Preference:

This section, similar to a personality test, is meant to check if you are a good match to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police work environment. There are no wrong answers, theoretically, but if you read our explanation of a sample question bellow you will see why practicing for this section is important.

  • You will be given statements requiring an answer between strongly agree, agree, neutral, disagree, and strongly disagree.
  • Candidates are recommended to answer for a work perspective.

Tip: It is wise to adapt your answers to the job you are applying for during a personality test. The Personality Tests Guide found in this pack includes everything you need to know about how personality tests work and how you should go about answering each question.

A workstyle preference question might look like this:

"I prefer to handle tasks alone rather than work in a group"

Strongly Agree | Agree | Neutral | Disagree | Strongly Disagree

How should you answer this question?

Questions on workstyle preference tests are tricky, since a very high score in one trait flags as a “risk” behavior.

Answering "agree"/"strongly agree" here indicates you are likely to be less of a team player. For certain organizations that believe in personal responsibility and reliability this might not be an issue. However, this tendency may hold you back since police forces like the RCMP requires police officers to be able to work in a team.


2. Language Comprehension

This part is comprised of two subtests- Word Relationships and Word Meanings.

  • Word Relationships- you will be provided with two words with a certain relationship to each other, and another word. you must find the answer which completes the same relationship with the third word as the first two have. Remember that the word's position in the pair (first/second) matters!
  • Word Meanings – You will be shown a word, and must choose the word that has the closest meaning to it.
  • You will have 5 minutes for each of the two subtests.


Word Meanings Sample Question 1

Rile most nearly means:

Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

The correct answer is Provoke.

Rile means to irritate or annoy someone, to stir up and make angry; in other words, to provoke someone.


Word Meanings Sample Question 2

Surmount most nearly means:

Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer
The correct answer is Overcome.

The word "surmount" has two meanings: (1) To be on top of something, (2) To deal with something successfully. The word "overcome" is similar to the second definition and is, therefore, the correct answer.


Word Relationships Sample Question 1

RING is to TRUNK as SEDIMENT is to ________.

Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

The correct answer is Rock.


A ring of a tree's trunk tells its age as sediment indicates the age of a rock.

This is an advanced level analogy. You need to take into account two factors:

  1. The multiple meanings of a given word- in this case, "Trunk"- can mean a woody tree stem, a body part of an animal, or the space at the back of a car.
  2. The given answer options can help eliminate possible relations between words.  


Word Relationships Sample Question 2

________ is to JUICE as WHEAT is to BREAD

Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

The correct answer is Orange.

An orange is used to produce juice like wheat is used to produce bread. In addition, both wheat and oranges must be processed to produce the final product. This eliminates "Water" as a possible answer.


The preparation pack offers extensive practice in both subtests of the Language Comprehension section. Start practicing and become a police officer!


3. Numerical Skills

This part will have you calculating and doing arithmetic. It comprises of level 1 calculations (addition & multiplication), and level 2 calculations (addition, substraction, multiplication and division).

  • You will have 3 minutes for each of the two subtests
  • Word Meanings – You will be shown a word, and must choose the word that has the closest meaning to it.


Level 1 Calculations Sample Question 1

0.75 X 1/3 = ?

A. 3/7
B. 3/4
C. 1/4
D. 1/4
E. 6/15
F. 1/25
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

The correct answer is 1/4.

0.75 = 3/4

0.75 x 1/3
= 3/4 x 1/3
= (3x1)/(4x3)     Cancel down by 3
= (1x1)/(4x1)
= 1/4

Alternative solution path:
0.75 x 1/3
= 0.75/3
= 0.25 = 1/4


Level 1 Calculations Sample Question 2

2/3 X 3/2 = ?

A. 1
B. 1/3
C. 3
D. 4/9
E. 9/4 
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

The correct answer is 1.

2/3 x 3/2
= (2x3)/(3x2)
= 6/6
= 1

When the numerator and denominator have a common factor, you can also divide both by that factor. In this question, divide the numerator and denominator by 2 and 3, resulting in 1/1 x 1/1 = 1 x 1 = 1.


Level 2 Calculations Sample Question 1

1/3 : 1/12 = ?

A. 2
B. 3
C. 4
D. 6
E. 9 
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

The correct answer is (C) - 4

There are two ways to solve questions of this kind:

Option AMultiplication by the inverse fraction

Dividing one fraction by another fraction is equivalent to multiplying the divided (the fraction which appears first or on top) by the divisor’s inverse (the inverse of the fraction which appears second or on bottom) as the following formula suggest:
(a/b):(c/d) = (a/b)*(d/c)

This allows you to simplify the exercise.
In this question:
(1/3):(1/12)= (1/3)*(12/1)

Therefore, when dividing a fraction by another fraction, you can "flip" the second fraction so that the numerator and the denominator switch places, and then multiply the two fractions. In this case - if you flip 1/12 we will receive 12/1.
When multiplying fractions you have to multiply the numerators and the denominators separately, to receive:

(1/3) * (12/1) = (1x12)/(3x1) = 12/3 = 4

Option BDividing one fraction by another fraction

This way requires familiarizing yourself with the math rule of fraction - division.
The rule is as follows:
Dividing one fraction by another fraction is equivalent to multiplying the numerator of the divided (the fraction which appears first or on top) by the denominator of the divisor (the fraction which appears second or on the bottom) and dividing the result by the multiplication of the denominator of the divided and the numerator of the divisor.

A simple symbolic presentation of this rule:
(a/b):(c/d) = (a*d):(b*c)

In this question:
(1/3):(1/12) = (1*12):(3*1) = 12/3 = 4

*Option B might seem a bit more complicated and requires practicing. However, it might, at times, be of great use.

*The symbols ":" and "/" have the same meaning and therefore, division exercises may appear in either form. For example, (1/3):(1/12) may equivalently be written as (1/3)/(1/12).


Level 2 Calculations Sample Question 2

3.25 - 3⁄2 = ?

A. 0.05
B. 1.75
C. 2.58
D. 2.2
E. 1.25
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

The correct answer is (B) - 1.75

Since the answer options are in decimals, turn the fraction 3/2 into a decimal:
3/2 = 11/2 = 1.5
Now you need to calculate: 3.25 - 1.5

To simplify the calculation, 
temporarily eliminate the decimal point by multiplying both numbers by 100.

Remember! this multiplication is done just to ease your calculation and must be undone once getting the result, by dividing it by 100.

Step 1: Multiplication by 100:
3.25 * 100 - 1.5 *100 = 325 - 150 = 175

Step 2: Dividing the result by 100:
175/100 = 1.75

Another way to solve the question is by working with improper fractions in the end, turning the final result into a decimal:
3.25 = 31/4 - this is a mixed number.

Step 1
: Turn 31/4 to an improper fraction.
The rule for turning a mixed number into an improper fraction is the following:

(Denominator*Whole Number + Nominator)/Denominator

In other words:
Let Ab/c be a mixed number, then:
Ab/c = (c*A + b)/c

In this case:
31/4 = (4*3 + 1)/4 = (12 + 1)/4 = 13/4

Step 2: Solve the improper fractions exercise:
13/4 - 3/2 = ?
The common denominator is 4. Therefore, multiply both the nominator and denominator of 3/2 by 2:
13/4 - 6/4 = (13-6)/4 = 7/4 = 13/4 (Since 4 fits only once in 7, leaving a 3/4 remnant)

Step 3: Turn 13/4 into a decimal:
3/4 = 0.75, therefore, 13/4 = 1.75


The preparation pack features hundreds of numerical skills questions to help you solve questions quickly and accurately, pass the test and become an RCMP police officer.

4. Spatial Skills

This part consists of questions regarding rotating 2D shapes, 3D shapes, mechanical problems, and cubes & folding shapes.

  • You are instructed to complete as many questions as you can.
  • You may skip questions you are having difficulty with, in order to complete more questions within the time limit.
  • Remember- if you feel you won't be able to solve a question, it is strategically correct to skip it in order to achieve the best score possible.


5. Memory Quotient

You will receive limited time to view an image, number list, or short text. You will then be asked questions and must answer from your memory.

  • You will have ~25 minutes to complete this part of the assessment.


6. Business Reasoning

This part consists of verbal reasoning questions and word problems.

  • This part should take you 20-25 minutes.


Prepare for the RCMP Exam

Follow the advice of the RCMP: Prepare by practicing using practice tests. JobTestPrep makes RCMP prep easy and effective: affordable and thorough in its pre-employment test preparation, the PrepPack lets you become familiar with the RPAB format and question types, leading to a more successful and relaxed test experience.

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