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The Sosie pre-employment recruitment assessment is administered by a wide range of companies seeking to reduce large candidate pools. The primary goal of the Sosie test involves the match-up between candidate traits & values and company/team/position environment & requirements.

The Sosie traits and values assessment was developed by the Pearson global testing company from three Leonard V. Gordon inventories: Gordon Personality Professional Inventory (GPPI), Survey of Interpersonal Values (SIV), and Survey of Personal Values (SPV). The overall target of Sosie is to highlight the candidates whose characteristics and values most closely resemble company karma, team attitudes, and position mindset requirements.

Most often used as a selection tool, Sosie is taken a step further by a whole host of entities that utilize this assessment for purposes of career guidance and employee development. TalentLens, the test-publishing sector within Pearson, usually pairs Sosie with cognitive skills exams to reflect candidate aptitudes as well as behavioral style for a more complete picture of the job fit.

To give you an idea of the diversity of fields that administer Sosie, the following are included as a small sampling of the industries that use the Sosie assessment as a pre-employment selection device: airlines, utilities, universities, insurance groups, healthcare organizations, legal entities, and transportation facilities.

Format and Content of the Sosie Behavioral Assessment

You can expect 80 multiple-choice items, in a computer format, and administered in a proctored exam session. While Sosie is untimed, it takes approximately 25 minutes to complete. Tasks required for each item involve the selection of alternatives that are most and least reflective of you or your workplace preferences. The assessment is predictive of your on-the-job personal satisfaction, adjustment, and motivation.

There are three main characteristics covered on the Sosie test:

  1. Personality Traits
  2. Interpersonal Values
  3. Personal Values

A total of 20 dimensions are explored within the realm of the primary personality aspects: eight traits in conjunction with the Big Five behavioral model; six interpersonal values; and six personal values. The Big Five factors consist of openness, conscientiousness, extroversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism (OCEAN).

The Sosie trait dimensions are: sociability, responsibility, cautiousness, stress resistance, vigor, original thinking, personal relations, and dominance.

Interpersonal values measured include: support, recognition, benevolence, independence, conformity, and power.

Personal values assessed are comprised of: variety, orderliness, achievement, conviction, materialism, and goal orientation.

A Few Sosie Exam Tips

  • When taking a personality test, put yourself in the employer’s mindset.
  • Carefully read the job description.
  • Find out what values the company prioritizes.
  • Be decisive, comfortable in your own skin and teamwork-oriented.

Sample Sosie Items

Select the statement that best describes you; select the statement that least describes you:

  1. Gets eight hours of sleep most nights
  2. Is often ill
  3. Exercises five days a week
  4. Follows a nutritious diet
  1. Dislikes working alone
  2. Feels anxious or tense several times a day
  3. Exclusively listens in group discussions
  4. Generally accomplishes more than expected
  1. Prefers a simple set of directions
  2. Likes to take the lead in projects
  3. Tries to get ahead regardless of benefit to others
  4. Enjoys a self-determined schedule

Preparing for Sosie

Working on personality practice tests with question and answer explanations is the key to increasing your exam comfort level and producing more job-specific test results. Sosie is one of many behavioral-oriented assessments in the universe of pre-employment testing.

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