Prepare for Insights Discovery personality test

What Is Insights Discovery?

Insights Discovery is a job personality exam based on Jungian psychology and a wide range of psychometric models. It helps you to understand how you prefer to think, work, and behave. Insights Discovery aims to help everyone better understand themselves and others. The test helps companies all over the world get the very best from their employees at work. 

Understanding Insights Personal Profile

After you have taken a short online assessment, you will receive a 20-page personal profile that will highlight your strengths and weaknesses, communication style, approach to problems, and value to the team. Insights Discovery also uses a simple and accessible four color model—Sunshine Yellow, Cool Blue, Earth Green and Fiery Red—to understand your unique preferences. Everyone has a different combination of these traits or colors, and when you understand the combination, and why you think and act in the ways that you do, you can start to work more effectively with others.

Insights Discovery Format

Insights Discovery is a 25 frame test. In each frame you must read each statement carefully. There will be four statements. You must choose the one statement that most (M) describes you in your work environment as well as the one that least (L) describes you at work. From the remaining two statements, you will select a value of 1–5: from 1 – not likely to describe me to 5 – very likely to describe me. You are not to choose the same number twice. This will be the format for all 25 statements. The evaluation takes between 10–20 minutes to complete. Remember there are no right or wrong answers.

Prepare for Insights Discovery

JobTestPrep offers a complete practice test to prepare you for the Insights Discovery personality test. Our practice test is accompanied by a personalized report to highlight any response patterns that may endanger your job application. By carefully and systematically studying the principles of personality tests, and by rating your individual responses, JobTestPrep helps you to effectively take employment personality tests like Insights Discovery as well as to optimize your score.

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