People Test Logic - All You Need to Know to Pass the Test [2024]


What Is the People Test Logic Exam (PTL)?

People Test Logic is an expanded intelligence test, which has been developed by a Danish test provider named "People Test Systems."

The People Test Logic test is an IQ test that also assesses time and task management skills, specifically for senior managers, leaders, and employees with "white-collar" jobs and upward, like CEO, COO, CFO, etc.

The test aims to assess your abilities as a job candidate in 9 different areas:

  • Decision Speed
  • Correct Reasoning
  • Logical Perception
  • Logical Thinking
  • Complex Differentiation
  • Mathematical Proficiency
  • Linguistic Proficiency
  • Learning Capability
  • Intelligence Quontient

Pass the People Test Logic Assessment

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What Does the People Test Logic Exam Include?

Based on our expert's recent research, the People Test Logic exam includes  80 multiple-choice questions with a time limit of 30 minutes, divided into logical, numerical, and verbal reasoning questions.

The order of the questions is arbitrary- you can switch between questions, with a question bar at the bottom of the test (1-80) indicating which questions were answered and which were not.

Logical Reasoning Questions

Logical reasoning tests usually consist of abstract, diagrammatic, or inductive reasoning tests. These tests measure your ability to notice details, evaluate information, and make judgments or decisions.

Here's a sample question so you can see what it is all about-

Choose the image that completes the pattern (1= most left, 5= most right) .

Logical Reasoning Information, Examples & Practice
A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4
E. 5
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

The correct answer is 2 (second from the left). Each square contains three shapes. The black circle is the only shape that constantly appears. It “travels” along the column, up and down, one step at a time. The other shapes appear in two consecutive squares and then do not appear in the next square. The shape that remains in the frame (in regard to the last step from the left) maintains its relative position to the other shape (not the circle).

Numerical Reasoning Questions

Numerical reasoning tests aim to assess your ability to handle numbers quickly and accurately. Although the calculations require only basic mathematical skills, you do need to know how to interpret the given information from charts, tables, number sequences, texts, and graphs. You're not allowed to use a calculator!

Here's a sample question so you can see what it is all about-

John deposited 4523$ into his account. Before that, he had 444$ in his bank account. If he withdraws 3868$ from his account, how much money will John have in his bank account?

A. 1099
B. -50.5
C. 3700
D. 4865
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

The correct answer is 1.


Verbal Reasoning Questions

Verbal Reasoning tests provide employers with an assessment of the candidate's ability to think and solve problems and how well candidates can understand and analyze information from text. 

Here's a sample question so you can see what it is all about-

Read the following paragraph and determine if the statement below is True or False.

The production of organic food products in food stores continues to increase considerably, with demand exceptionally high in Europe and North America. Health awareness and higher living standards are enhancing consumption, and the market is likely to triple over the next decade. The organic food industry faces the challenge of coping with the forecasted future demand.

- "Organic food production is the fastest growing field in the food industry."

A. True
B. False
C. Cannot Say
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

The correct answer is 3, Cannot Say.
According to the text, "The production of organic food products… continues to increase considerably" and "is likely to triple over the next decade". However, the text never mentions that it’s the fastest-growing field in the food industry.


What Other Tests Do People Test Systems Provide?

People Test Systems is one of the leading test providers in Denmark. They develop and provide a variety of different tests, all to help companies assess senior management job candidates-

  • People Test Person (PTP) - People Test Person is a personality and behavior test used for recruiting employees and senior management. People Test Person provides a detailed and nuanced image of the candidate’s personality and behavior while covering 12 general characteristics and 36 subjacent qualities. 
  • People Test Basic (PTB) - People Test Basic aims to provide an image of the candidate’s behavior and skills. 

Pass the People Test Logic Exam

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