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Boosting you chances of passing the Nampak EEI CAST test is completely within reach with JobTestPrep PrepPacks™. Let JobTestPrep put the right tools in your hands to succeed.


Boost Your Chance of Success on Your Nampak EEI CAST Test

By using JobTestPrep’s highly specialized EEI CAST-style assessment PrepPack™, you are giving yourself an advantage over the other Nampak candidates. Sign up today and gain 24/7 access to dozens of practice tests, study guides, interview preparation materials, and more.


Nampak Interview Prep

Nampak interviews are not just designed to test your book knowledge or to better understand your previous work performance. Your interviewer will also be interested to learn about your personality and how you might meld with the company and the team that you will be working with. It is for this reason that Nampak may necessitate several rounds of interviews, so varying levels of management can get a grasp of who you are and what you can do for the company.

How Is the Aptitude Test Scored?

There are no raw scores on the Aptitude Test; that is, your score will not be calculated according to the number of questions you got right. Your score will be calculated relatively to scores received by all people taking this test. If you receive, say, 78% for you Aptitude Test, this will not mean that you answered 78% of questions correctly. This will mean that you did better than 78% of applicants competing against you.

Why Does Nampak Administer Personality Assessments?

Personality assessments are used by Nampak in order to evaluate their potential candidates’ workplace personas. Because different companies and job positions require certain personality traits, it is best to improve your personality test score in those areas prior to taking the Nampak assessment.

What is a Situational Judgment Test?

The test has grown in popularity in recent years due to its ability to offer realistic work place scenarios affording test-takers the chance to show off their behavioural and cognitive skills. The company must have a solid psychological assessment on which to base their decision to hire you or not

How are Panel Interviews Conducted?

During the panel interview, you will face up to 7 individuals from a range of departments, including file-rank employers and mid to senior managers who will drill you to ensure you have mastery over your positions require skill-sets. You might also get questions about your favourite hobbies or even drinks, to test your personality outside the immediate work environment. Can you carry a conversation on a dinner meeting? Make sure you are technically and interpersonally right for the position.

What Is the Purpose of the Nampak EEI CAST Tests?

The purpose of the Nampak EEI CAST tests is to determine which applicants to their company have what it takes to perform the duties of the position being offered. Applicants who do well in their EEI CAST tests are more likely to be offered the job in the end.


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