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Prepare for the JDI Recruitment Process

Established in 1882, J.D. Irving, Limited (JDI) is a diverse enterprise which provides quality products and outstanding customer service worldwide. JDI holds the training, developing, and growing of their future leaders as their top priority and are seeking innovative and passionate candidates to join their team.

A description of the JDI hiring process is listed below:

  • Online Application: The application process can be done online by submitting an application form and attaching your resume. Candidates can also apply through a company recruiter or an employee referral.
  • Telephone Interview: A brief phone interview may be initiated by an HR representative to assess applicants’ background and skill set.
  • In-Person Interview: The interview procedure may include several different stages, depending on the position being applied for. Candidates may face one-on-one interviews, panel evaluations, and group interview sessions with other candidates.
  • Tests: The pre-employment tests may be a mandatory stage of the recruitment process in order to assist employers in choosing suitable candidates for the vacant jobs.

The JDI Assessment Test Process

The psychometric entrance exams include various aptitude tests which candidates may face during the JDI assessment procedure. These tests give employers the ability to obtain a more thorough understanding of applicants’ reasoning capabilities and basic skills. A test-taker’s performance in a JDI aptitude test will be compared to other candidates’ scores to determine who will be hired for the available career.

The verbal, mathematical, and logical reasoning tests evaluate cognitive abilities. These traits include written comprehension, mathematical knowledge, and intuitive decision-making abilities. The abstract or figural reasoning test assesses applicants’ ability to analyze graphic material based on how they recognize patterns and come up with propositions.

The spatial reasoning test examines one’s ability to understand and remember spatial connections among objects. Four categories of this test are based on visuo-spatial perception, spatial visualization, mental folding, and mental rotation. The skills evaluated show candidate’s capabilities in floor reading, pattern understanding, matching parts, and more.

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Question and Answers About JDI Recruitment

Applicants may have several inquiries regarding the JDI employment process. Below we have provided a few questions and answers to help clarify some information.

How is a JDI aptitude test scored?

Answer: Entrance exams were created to assess job applicants’ cognitive abilities and use their answers to analyze how they might potentially behave in a work environment. The tests use a comparative method so employers have the ability to choose the best candidates from the vast number of job applicants.

Is body language an important factor during the in-person interview?

Answer: Body language displays your poise and character. Practicing before the interview can be done by reviewing possible interview questions so that you can be confident and give over a good impression.

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