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Practice for the MR Hiring Process

Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen GmbH (MR) is not only located in Regensburg, they also consist of over 36 subsidiaries and 6 affiliated companies worldwide. They have over 3,400 employees and their main business is regulating power transformers with the help of tap changers. They provide innovative products and services, ensuring an interruption-free power supply. Applicants can apply for the various MR internship programs and other full-time career opportunities. MR seeks to employ responsible, persistent, and respectful employees.

Learn more about the MR recruitment process below:

Application: Candidates can accomplish the application process by submitting an application form online and attaching their resume. Applicants can apply with a recruiter or through an employee referral too.

Telephone Interview: An HR representative may call an applicant over the phone as the initial part of the interview stage. These phone calls help filter out which candidates may be unsuitable by evaluating their characteristics and preferences.

In-Person Interview: Candidates will then be invited to come in for one or more in-person interviews. Each part of the interview phase may be different based on the level and type of position. One may face panel or one-on-one interviews.

Tests: Pre-employment tests are given to candidates for the purpose of assessing their cognitive and technical aptitude. Such tests may be given out online or as written tests.


The MR Caliper Test Process

Psychometric testing is a process which is used during the assessment process, using specific aptitude exams to score candidates’ responses and help employers compare their various levels of suitability for the vacant jobs. The Caliper Personality test displays applicants’ qualities and what these traits say about their fit in the workplace. These tests are used to sufficiently measure applicants’ strengths, moral, and values as a whole. Such assessment exams include true and false questions with five selections of responses, such as "strongly agree", "neutral", or "strongly disagree."

The main skills which the Caliper personality test emphasizes are applicants’ management, social, problem-solving, and time-management abilities. Each attribute is respected as qualities found in model employees. Businesses may also distribute added aptitude assessments, such as the mathematical, verbal, and logical reasoning tests. Each one measures one’s knowledge and cognitive abilities in a wide variety of subjects.

Start Preparing for the MR Caliper Test Process with JobTestPrep.

MR Interview Questions

The MR interview process can be performed one-on-one or in a group and panel situation. Interview approaches differ contingent on the career being applied for. Competency, or technical questions may be used throughout the process. Practicing is advised when hoping to perform well and leave a good impression.

Example interview questions are as follows:

  • Why MR?
  • Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years?
  • What qualities do you have that will help in this position?
  • Tell me about yourself.



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Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen GmbH Subsidiaries
Reinhausen Manufacturing, Inc. Cedaspe Power Srl Reinhausen Canada Inc. Reinhausen France SAS
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