McDonald’s uses a standard application process for manager and assistant manager positions.

  1. Apply Online – Your application will generate an initial phone interview, questionnaire or both. You will be requested to explain your strengths, employment history, salary history and expectations, goals and achievements.
  2. Personality Test – Past behaviors and personal attitudes are expected to reflect future job performance.
  3. On Job Experience (OJE) – You will join a crew and become part of the daily customer service employment experience. This on-the-job assessment lasts approximately two days.
  4. Final Interview – You will be interviewed by an operations manager. Questions are structured to reveal and confirm skills and personal information such as basic competencies, educational and employment history, your reasons for choosing McDonald’s, and fundamental skills of communication. Throughout your interview, remain positive, upbeat, warm, detailed rather than hypothetical, concise and confident.

McDonald’s Personality Test

Expect to see a computer-generated psychometric exam containing 64 questions. It will take between 15 to 30 minutes to complete. This test is a challenge to all who take it.

Each question contains two statements. Click on the statement with which you most agree. Sounds easy? The personality traits McDonald’s is seeking in its employees are deeply hidden within each statement pair. Pre-exam professional preparation is needed in order to clarify the company’s hiring aims when it comes to personality tests. You can find that clarification at JobTestPrep.

Statement Pairs - The statements in each pair generally have nothing to do with one another. You will see one or more pairs of statements which require a choice between a hard-working employee who enjoys employment challenges, and an employee who is considerate of others’ feelings.  Other questions will force you to choose between remaining calm under most circumstances or being reliable. At yet another point in the exam, you will need to choose between leadership characteristics and the traits of a team player.

Through its psychometric test, McDonald’s evaluates personal values and a candidate's fitness for the job. However, both statements in many of the pairs appear to espouse trait beneficial for a successful manager. You will encounter pairs that are composed of statements which reflect both positive and negative managerial behavioral traits. Choosing which of the statements you most agree with, becomes an absolute challenge. Furthermore, you may encounter Situational Judgment Questions as they relate to customer service. You will come across many different situations when working at McDonald's, some of them difficult, and it is important to know you can stay calm and collected under pressure.

Prepare for the McDonalds Assessment

From the assessment test itself, it is very difficult to know which traits McDonald’s seeks in an employee. The questions are difficult to discern without professional preparation. If it is your aim is to work at McDonald’s, exam preparation is essential for achieving your goal.

JobTestPrep has developed a personality practice test that can familiarize you with the questions each managerial applicant faces on the real McDonald’s psychometric test. Using JobTestPrep’s testing tips and analysis of McDonald’s focus on specific personality traits, you will gain valuable insight into how to succeed on the company's pre-employment test. JobTestPrep offers you the opportunity to properly and affordably prepare for this personality exam.

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